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700r4 Transmission Stage 2Philip Super Moderator · #12 · May 24, 2011. Transmission Package, 700R4, Level 2, Holley TV Cable Adapter, 2,400 Stall Converter, FTI ATF Fluid, Kit. 700R4 4L60 transmission stage 2 Add to Wish List Email a friend 700R4 "The Nemesis" Stage 2 500+HP (7004-R 700R-4 TH700 4L60) 2 Review (s) Write a Review On sale $2,595. ICT Billet 700R4 Billet Speedometer Sensor Port Plug Chevy Transmission Compatible With SBC 305 327 350 383 5. Note to purchasing: Ask for Superior part number K700-R4-HP***Also available from Superior, a billet 2 piece Super Servo. LSA, LSX (aftermarket), and the new LT1 & LT4 engines have 8 bolt crank flange pattern. Extreme Duty Street / Strip - $2450. The 1985 GMC Sierra transmission is a th700R4 overdrive transmission. Stage 1: is a factory shift; Stage 2: has a nice crisp shift and at wide open throttle it will put you in your seat;. 700R4 Stage 2 Transmission Includes: Cali Kit with New Clutches and Steels; Torque Converter; Superior Shift Kit; Steel …. Product: Chrysler 904-727 Street Smart System Transmission. Lokar ACA-1807 Column Shift Linkage for Ford AOD. The ratio of the linkage on the carburetor is critical for a 700R4 to shift properly. Stiffer spring in the 1-2 accumilator is fine, no need to flip the piston on it. Auxiliary transmission cooler kit. Also known as the MD8 or TH700R4 this unit was used in the 80s 90s and in the 2000s its still is used as an upgrade for Camaros, Corvettes and other sports. It came out of Nova but I don't know if that is where it started. We work with different manufacturers in the development of stronger parts. Performance Automatic Street Smart Transmission Package. The first thing you’ll need to know is which type of speed sensor you have. 700R4 Transmission Stage 2 High Performance Basic Conversion Kit. The 700R4 is known by some as the slipping transmission because of the common problems. This kit is for 1987-1993 700R4 / 4L60 Only. Detent cable and hold down bolt. Several other aftermarket transmission companies offer stages of performance builds that will increase this transmission’s already-stout torque capacity with multiple Street/Strip Automatic Transmission - Chevrolet 700R4/4L60. High performance transmission Level 3 TH350 – Rated to hold up to 700HP. This 700-2&3 Reprogramming Kit fits 1982 to 1993 General Motors vehicles equipped with the 700R4 / 4L60 automatic transmission. Hot Rods… Street Rods… those are our loves, so we’ll leave the soccer practice and 9-to-5 commuter transmissions to the bulk manufacturers. When the TV cable is adjusted properly, the 700R4 transmission (under light throttle) should have a 1-2 shift at 15-18 mph, 2-3 at about 30-35, and 3-4 at about 45-50 mph. Sell; Watchlist Transmission & Drivetrain; Automatic Transmission;. Chat with a Live Rep Now! 4L60E and 4L65E Fit Applications Such as Corvette, Silverado, Tahoe, Safari, 700R4 "The Nemesis" Stage 2 500+HP (7004-R 700R-4 TH700 4L60) Original price (2) Stage 1 4L60E 4L65E (98-05). Level 2, 700R4 Transmission Rated 500HP! free Shipping Buick Grand National Stage 2 Transmission 2004R, 200R4, 200-4R, TH200 200-R4. 700R4 Driven Gear 34 Tooth-700R4 Driven Gear 34 Tooth. This substation uses large transformers to convert or "step up" the generator's voltage to extremely high voltages for long-di. Other fluids that can be used include Mercon, Dexron II, and Type F. GM 700R4 Performance Transmission Level 4 $ 4,995. The aluminum component of TH400 and 700r4 is fused with a bell housing pattern. Description 700-R4 – Level 2 -Transmission with Torque Converter Email this page to a friend Horse Power: 375 (Up to 400 ft-lbs Torque) Converter: Custom Buiilt & Custom Stalled 12” High Performance Furnace Brazed with Flanged Hub and Carbon Fiber Clutch Stall: 2000-2400 Master Overhaul Kit with High Energy Frictions and New Steel Plates. 700r4 Transmission Heavy Duty 2WD, 700r4 transmission, rebuilt 700r4 transmissions, gm 700r4 transmission, performance 700r4, 700r4 rebuild, 700r4 transmission torque converter ; 0; 800-708-0087; I ordered a Monster Transmission stage 2 for up to 500 HP. That’s right, we’re not looking to rebuild your wife’s minivan transmission. The Monster-In-A-Box transmission rebuild kit for the 700R4 is available for GM vehicles. as for years, believe 1987-1992 were the good 700r4s, earlier ones were weaker. JASPER Performance Transmissions. Transmission & Driveline 700r4 tranny. The transmission holds a total of approximately 11 quarts of transmission fluid. wrecktech said: Just saw a post on here about a tranny swap. There are 2 ways to determine a 1982 Model. Universal Throttle Valve Cable Bracket. The second is our STREET/STRIP set-up. Remanufactured shift governor with nylon gear. 200r4 transmission used for sale. 5 litre iron duke and 700r4 trans. Innovative components work together to precisely recalibrate pressures and shift accumulation, delivering firmer shifts under load without sacrificing low-speed drivability. Classic Instruments Speedometer Sending Units & Accessories. A Transmissions are expertly rebuilt to factory specifications and include updates. The transmission is recommended for small or big block engines with less than 550 HP. springs from rear of intake to hole with plastic bushing. WE WILL BEAT ANY COMPETITOR PRICE APPLES TO APPLES. 700R4 cable adjustment instructions. Stage 1: is a factory shift; Stage 2: has a nice crisp shift and at wide open throttle it will put you in your seat; Stage 3: is for that Saturday night special. Introduced in 1980, it was Ford's first four-speed automatic overdrive transmission. There is also the length of 27 11/16″, the width of 19 1/8″, and 27 spline output shaft being shared by both the TH350 and 200-4R. For heavier duty transmissions, 4x4, and super duty transmission …. Get the best deals for performance 700r4 transmission at eBay. 4l80e Stock and Performance remanufactured transmissions. converter will unlock but no downshift. Comes with clutches, steel plates, gaskets, filter, band, popular bushings. It’s time to check in on a few of our favorites to see how they fa. How To Adjust a 700R4 Transmission TV Cable. 700r4 Transmission Heavy Duty 4WD, 700r4 transmission, rebuilt 700r4 transmissions, gm 700r4 transmission, Heavy Duty 700r4, 700r4 rebuild, 700r4 transmission torque converter Bought a heavy duty 4x4 700r4 from monster, with a stock converter, full valve body adjustment, stage 2 shift kit, and a chrome pan with the drain plug. We only build high performance transmissions. 700R4 Transmission "The Nemesis" Stage 2 600HP 2 years/Unlimited mileage warranty Includes: Free Torque Converter (Low Stall) Heavy Duty HIGH ENERGY Z Pack Clutch Set Remanufactured Pump Assembly Which Includes 10 Vane Rotor Set, Teflon Bushing, Hardened Rings, 500 Boost Valve and All Recommended Updates Transgo Stage 2 Shift Kit. Includes: New Electronic Solenoids (no mlps) High Energy Performance Frictions. Adding a 4th overdrive gear allowed them to. GM rebuilt Transmission for all makes and models, find GM rebuilt transmission here online, buy GM rebuilt transmission from Monster Transmission, GM rebuilt automatic transmission, automatic transmissions, car GM rebuilt transmission, GM rebuilt truck transmission 700R4. Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, street/strip, hot rod, StreetFighter TH400 1964-91 Non-Variable Pitch w/ 2. For 1982-1993 Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac Automatic Transmissions. 700R4 Rebuild Kit TH700R4 Master Overhaul Banner Box Set GM 4L60 700. 00 700R4 Stage 2 Rebuild In A Box Inc. 50flathead said: Need a little advice from our resident tranny folks. 84 Ratio Input Carrier Kit. When you get behind the wheel of your car or truck and put it in gear, you expect it to move. Great for any street rod, muscle car, or pro touring vehicle. For information on these parts please call toll free, 1-888-2012066. Hughes Performance HP3738 - Locking Dipstick & Tube 1982 and Newer GM TH700R4/4L60/4L60E Transmissions $83. The whine is at the same speed as the engine and seems to be present no matter what gear the trans is in. Shop Automatic Transmission Packages at Summit Racing. About the 700r4 & Common Problems. Our collection of performance automatic racing transmissions from trusted brands like JW Performance, Hughes Performance, TCI, and many others. When it comes to transmissions, no other company provides this level of commitment to their clients. 60 View Item Details Fits Chevy Th700r-4 700r4 4l60 Transmission Overhaul Master Rebuild Kit 87-93 $159. Product Description Remanufactured 700R4 stage-2 High Performance transmission. This is the info I pulled from jegs: "FTI Performance 700R4 Level 2 transmissions packages feature: 9-clutch 3-4 high energy pack. These come with the different smaller parts you need for any section that needs to be touched up. Some examples of Chevrolet vehicles that can carry the 700R4 include the Blazer, the Camaro, the Corvette, and the Impala. Street Smart 700R4 Transmission Package Includes: Stage 2 Street Smart 700R4 Transmission; 12" 2400 RPM Lock Up Stall Converter; Dipstick & Filler Tube; Lockup; …. 4L60 E 2 wheel drive transmission works great out of a 2002 suburban. What Are FTI TH400 Performance Transmissions Common Pros and Cons? FTI TH-400 (turbo-hydramatic 3-speed heavy-duty) transmissions are built with high-quality components and assembly that allow them to handle large horsepower applications with ease. Also, the 700R4 transmission featured a 30% overdrive in 4th gear which brought about fuel economy. Looking for standard transmission, differential, machining and installation services?. Type I- Installation in a vehicle that did not have a 700R4 in it from the factory and/or does not use factory wiring. The trans shifts and downshifts correctly but I don't like the whine and don't think the whine is good. TCI StreetFighter Transmissions 111000. There are basic tests you can do on your own, but you need tr. The automatic transmission (AT) tube and dipstick measures the level of transmission fluid. psittacosis Synonyms: Chlamydia psittaci infection, ornithosis, parrot fever, chlamydiosis. This 700-2&3 Reprogramming Kit fits 1982 to 1993 General Motors vehicles equipped with the 700R4/4L60 automatic transmission. 48 First Gear Ratio, Chevy, TH400, Each. No it will not fit, the bolt pattern for the 2. The TH700R4 transmission was designed to replace the TH350 transmission. 95) Quantity Add to Cart Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Torque Converters at Summit Racing. Within a week the problem returned with a …. In comparison to the 4L85E, its gear ratios are 2. I heard that Rossler has also suspended sales of the overdive units due to demand for the racing stuff. The gear ratios of this transmission are 2. Scientists are still learning about Covid-19 vaccines' full potential in stopping the pandemic. Some models with the ‘Tow/Haul’ mode were able to make faster shifts to …. The plan was simple: Take a 2003 4L80E and rebuild it, upgrading the common failure points. Hold 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to any rpm. The transmission has several common problems, including a broken 27-spline input shaft in early versions of the 700R4 (after 1987, 30-spline shafts were developed to improve the. JEGS 28070 - Quick Shift Automatic Transmission Fluid [1-quart] $9. Find TCI Auto Automatic Transmission Shift Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing! Chevy, 700R4, Kit. The second engine group to go over is the Ford …. The transmission was designed for trucks and large cars but is compatible with a variety of Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick, and Holden vehicles between 1982 and 1993. If you have a 1988 or later type-2 valve body, you can. High Performance heat treated Heavy Duty Sun shell. Performance pump with hardened pump rings. 3 bolt pattern is the same as the Chevy 200 and 229 V6 as well as all V8 engines. Your review * Name * Email * Pro-Trans. Buy yours today with A Transmissions! (989)891-9212. Street/Strip Automatic Transmission - LS Engine 4L60E. 700R4, 4L60 & 4L60E; Bravada; Mustang; S-10 Body; TH350, Muncie, Powerglide, T-10, Saginaw, TH200 ; 200R4 2004R Stage 2 Rebuild Package Master Overhaul Kit w/ Steels HD Clutch Set Super Servo Superior Shift Kit 2004R 200R4 Performance Transmission Stage 2 550HP (TH200R4 200-R4) Price: Sale Price: Sale. 700R4 Transmission Recommendations. Estimated Ship Date: Nov 7, 2023 …. After the engine, the most expensive repair for a vehicle is the transmission. Introduced in 1982, the 4-speed Overdrive GM 700-R4 transmission — also known as the 4L60 — remains a popular option for street/strip performance …. ATSG 700R4 (1987-1993) GM Transmission Repair Manual (700R4 Torque Converter 700r4 Transmission Rebuild Kit Best Repair Book Available!) Jul 24, 2015. 700R4 Stage I Performance Transmission - $1,295 (Davenport) Just professionally rebuilt Stage I 700R4 performance transmission. The Class I transmission does not have a drastically altered shift but will provide firmer, more pronounced shifting. The entire installation took me about 20 minutes, start to finish. It is most commonly found in cars, trucks, and SUVs from the mid-1980s to the late-1990s. 700R4 Transmission rear leak. 63 for second, 1 for third gear, and 0. Like with the casing of the 700R4 transmission, the tail needs some form of protection from the inner workings of the drive train. FTI Performance 700R4 Level 2 transmission packages are designed for street rodders or cruisers who want mild power, fuel economy, and reliability. Horse Power: 550 (Up to 500 ft-lbs Torque) Converter: 10” Custom Built Lock-Up with Billet Cover Stall: 2600-3600. Free Shipping - Estimated to ship direct from manufacturer on 09/25/23 , …. 700-R4 – Level 3 – Transmission with Torque Converter. 700R4 Transmissions: A Comparison. Built With The Best, By The Best. Find Automatic Transmissions 4WD Drivetrain, THM700-R4/4L60/MD8 Transmission Model and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing! $5 Off Automatic Valve Body, Chevy, 700R4, 4WD, Each. 50 JEGS 22010 - Transmission Guide Dowels 3" Long with Tapered Shape & Slotted Head $14. In the past I have warranteed transmissions that the cause of failure was obviously a TV related issue. If it's a FTI transmission call FTI & discuss your questions with the builder of the transmission they may well not warranty the transmission if it has any thing done to it they don't recommend. Performance Automatic Transmission Core Return Process. The most common type is Dexron III, which is what is typically recommended by manufacturers. Check out my websitehttps://www. 1113 Center Street Redding, California 96001. transdepot-727-868-9462 (1,472) 100%. Similarly, a built stage 2 4L60e can handle up to 700 hp. Push the TV Cable sheath into the seal in the transmission and tighten the 10mm retaining bolt. 700R4 Transmissions 4×4 with Torque Converter – Level 2 $ 4,495. GM 700R4 Performance Transmission Level 2. 4R100 Ford Diesel Transmission Stage 2 2 years/Unlimited Mileage Warranty Transgo shift-kit and Power Valve for a better shift. Common complaints on this transmission are TCC slip or shudder, code P1870 or P0894, harsh 1-2 shift, double bump shifts, 2-3 flare up, burnt 3-4 clutch plates as well as inconsistent pressure boost problems. SKU: 700-2WD-STG-2 Categories: Conversion Kits, Gas Transmissions, General Motors GM, Kits, Parts. Hate to say it but it probably is stuck again. com, Call Toll Free at 1-800-708-0087. -6L80 (Stage 2 Rebuild)- $2,450 (2 year warranty) -700R4 (Rebuild) - $1,150 (2 year warranty) We do offer installation for $600. You usually do find the 700r4 transmission in GM cars like Chevy Blazer, Suburban, Camaro, Corvette, Impala and even in. A worn-out TV cable or a faulty adjustment is another common issue on the 700r4 transmission. We use these parts in our level four 700 Mega Raptor and 700-E Mega Raptor transmissions. Polish the inner race with 400 grit wet paper (solvent) and use 320 grit on the outter race surface. so i have a 83 chevy pickup 4 wheel drive. A package deal is the way to go when you plan on dumping that old 3 speed and retro fitting a 700R4. 4L60E Performance Transmission & Converter. We priced comparable 700R4 and 4L60E transmissions from Hughes Performance for example, and the price difference on just the transmission was only $100 ($1,834 vs. 700R4-2KH2: Level 2 700R4 Transmission with Holley carburator, SB2400LT30 converter, and High Performance ATF. GM 700R4 Performance Transmission Level 3 $ 3,995. 1986-1992 GM CHEVY 700R4 TRANSMISSION K CASE *AUXILARY 8663548 (4X4) HD HEAVY D. It’s gear ratios for the first gear, second gear, third gear, and fourth gear are 3. 55 configuration delivering better performance and consistency in racing applications. Advertisement The three-phase power leaves the generator and enters a transmission substation at the power plant. This remanufactured 700R4 Transmission comes with a matching torque converter, ready to install and do burnouts in the name of freedom! 3yr Warranty Fast & Easy Core Return We also have the option to purchase performance upgrades and custom stalls for your 700R4 torque converter. See below to help you ID TH700R4 units with Auxiliary valve body and Non Auxiliary valve body and fully electronic vs non electronic. 700R4 / 2004R Torque Converter 2400-2800 Stall, 27 Spline Non-lockup. 700R4 Stage 1 "The Exterminator" 550HP. The 700R4, otherwise called the Turbo-Hydramatic transmission, is a 4-speed hydraulically operated automatic transmission built for sports cars and bigger trucks and vehicles. 84:1 input carrier kit transforms the popular 4L60 series transmission from the factory ‘wide ratio’ 3. Reduce ratio change by converting 1st Gear from 3. 700R4 HP Rebuild Kit 700-R4 4L60 Transmission Master High Performance Overhaul Set Raybestos Stage 3. Includes Free Converter and 2yr Warranty! Since 1993! Refurbished. 45RFE/545RFE 4th Clutch Stage 3 PowerPack® G3 & Performance Steels 99-On: 128755D: 68RFE Underdrive/Overdrive Stage 2 PowerPack® Red Eagle & Kolene 07-On: 128755E: 68RFE Underdrive/Overdrive Stage 3 PowerPack® G3 & Performance Steels 07-On: 128757A: 68RFE 2nd Clutch PowerPack® 128757D: 68RFE 2nd Clutch Stage 2 …. There are more BitTorrent clients than we could possibly compare, but some of the most popular—and best—have been under the spotlight lately for sleazy ads and bad behavior. If the aluminum sleeve is worn the valve rides in that …. Holley 700R4 Carburetor Kickdown Throttle Bracket. Includes fluid rerouting for additional D4 protection and new servo cushion spring to reduce downshift clunk. We have the correct components for a variety of applications, from older Turbo Hydra-Matic 700R4 transmissions to GM's successful 4L80E transmissions to late-model systems. I have a 700R4 in my 55 Nomad and after it sits for a couple of weeks it begins to leak transmission fluid from the rear of the transmission. 4L60E 4L65E Performance Transmissions and Parts from PATC. The earlier 700R4 and non electronic 4L60 were controlled by a hydraulic valve body and received throttle input, as stated above, from the TV cable. However, to conform to the OBD II regulations, they were converted to 1-2 shift solenoids and 2-3 shift solenoids. Cable to transmission locating bracket (1) Allen wrench [To adjust ferrule] (2) O-rings (1) M6-1. The 200r4 says used in gm rear wheel drive cars with the 3. it will 3-2 downshift at low speeds (like around 30 mph) I don't think it has ever made a 2-1 downshift either. You don't have to worry about your bill growing as more and more parts need to be machined or replaced. According to the shop that rebuilt my 700R4, you can do it either way but you must use the proper converter. Even matching the parts up with 2 other transmissions, they still wouldn't work with a saginaw 4 speed, or another muncie with the same. Find TCI Auto Automatic Transmissions and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing! 2. 700R4 Stage 2 4x4 Transmission Inc Converter (TH700 4L60 7004R 700-4R 700R-4) Opens in a new window or tab. 700R4 "The Nemesis" Stage 2 500+HP (7004-R 700R-4 TH700 4L60) Quality Reman Transmissions and Transmissions Parts for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Jeep, Lincoln. Monster Transmission provides transmission parts for all transmission year, make, and models. EXTRA 5% OFF See all eligible items and terms. BTE Facility; Installation Guides; News; Connect; Torque Converters 700R4/4L60E Transmission Components; Chrysler Transmission Components; Transmission Accessories; …. 1985 Chevrolet S10 Remanufactured Automatic Transmission. Remanufactured 700R4 stage-2 High Performance transmission. GM 700R4, 700-R4, 4L60, Transmission Master Rebuild Kit. Optional manual stage 3 shift options. We experience less than 1% failure on our Level Two units. Monster Transmission, in Brooksville Florida, is a transmission manufacturer and parts distributor who ensures the highest quality service and products to every client every time. 4L60-E, 4L65-EHeavy Duty Remanufactured Valve Body GM054-HD. crossmember- You will not have to replace the crossmember, however, you will have to …. GEARSTAR is a leading provider of automatic high-performance transmissions and torque converters in Ohio. The 4- prong plug is just for TCC lockup. 700R4 Stage 2 Transmission starts at $2099. Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kits at Summit Racing. Mad Dog Transmissions Navigation. 700R4 Transmission GM Chevrolet. This TransGo 700 SHIFT KIT® Valve Body Repair Kit fits 1982 to 1993 General Motors vehicles equipped with the 700R4/4L60 automatic transmission. * there's a chance that the crossmember would …. The capacity of the 545RFE transmission is 10. Work on certain parts of your transmission without spending an inordinate amount on servicing costs and use a 700R4 Monster Overhaul kit. The High Performance Corvette 2-4 Servo is a historically proven, easy to install, and reliable upgrade that pretty much anyone can do to their 700R4/4L60E/4. Therefore, ensure you make use of an. Swap out 2 speed transmission for 700r4 or 4l60E. Hughes torque converters are just as tough, plus they. Most of our builds are for 800+ HP combos, where the 700-R4 and 4L60E simply aren't adequate. To change to a 700R4 you'll need: * the driveshaft will likely be a different length so that needs to addressed, either shortened or swapped out for a longer one, I don't know which way it goes. It is a GM automatic transmission designed for rear wheel drive vehicles. (The internal wiring was done). The 700R4 transmission fluid types is a 4-speed automatic that was used in many GM. TCI® 700R4, 2004R and AOD StreetFighter® Transmissions also feature a TCI® Constant Pressure Valve Body™ to ensure that …. Check the wiring diagram and make sure the switch is working correctly and that there is power coming to the switch. Phoenix Transmission builds several versions of GM. Kit Contents:Remanufactured 4L65-E Kit: 809-19259117Torque Information:The differences. 700R4 Stage 1 "The Exterminator" 400HP (7004-R 700R-4 TH700 4L60) Original price (2) Stock 4L60E 4L65E OEM Quality Reman Transmissions and Transmissions Parts for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Jeep, Lincoln, Pontiac, Olds and More. PART# GM 4L60/65/70/E TRANSMISSION STAGE 2. since then i rebuilt the 350,bored over. Step 2 With the carburetor/throttle body end of the TV Cable disconnected, pull the link out of the transmission and fit the cable end to the link as shown in Figure 1. The core must be returned in rebuildable condition and packed carefully in the original box to ensure a damage-free arrival back to our processing. 29 Ratio Blue Printed Six Speed The Stage 2 upgrade is ideal for anyone using their transmission for Autocross and Road Race events. Genuine Ford XT-5-5QM MERCON-V Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Fluid - 5 Quart. A few guys say I don't need much and a 1500-1700 dollar "stage 2 or 3" trans . The TH700R4, 4L60E, 4L65E Transmission 3-4 Performance Clutch Pack RCPBP-21 (MaxPak) Stage-1 Friction Clutch Pack Module. not to be confused with the plunger that. JASPER's remanufactured automatic and standard transmissions are designed for your peace of mind. 700R4 Stage 2 Rebuild In A Box Inc. What vehicles would these have come in? Short tail shaft, 2 wheel drive. 700R4 is the same transmission as the back on the 200R4 case compared to the TH-350. 5-11 l, while the fluid type is Dexron 3-6 or MOPAR +4. The governor and speedometer drive are both located on the …. ATI's Universal Automatic Transmission Kickdown/Throttle Valve Cable is adjustable in order to ease a swap or to replace an old and worn out factory unit. This TH400 transmission is designed for high performance strip usage. (Transmissions: 4L60E, 700R4) 1997 General Motors full size van (95-97) (Transmissions: 4L60E, 700R4). Transmission Package ">Performance Automatic Street Smart Transmission Package. If you’re wondering how much hp can a stock 700R4 handle, the answer is around 300 HP. In a world filled with rising gas prices, the General needed to keep its product line relevant. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Transgo 700-2&3 Shift Kit 700R4 Stage 2 & 3 Transmission Reprogramming 700 4L60. Looking for recommendations on what fluid to run in this. Since I've owned it I have replaced the filter and fluid 3 or 4 …. Tremec has set the standard for aftermarket …. This book was written for transmission rebuilders by a transmission rebuilder, in plain English rather than complex ‘factoreze’ terminology. In many cases, the shifts are poorly timed and may be early and soft, late and harsh, or a combination of both. The 1984 C4 700R4 transmission has a 30- spline turbine input shaft. How to install a B& M Transpack Shift Kit, Upshift valve and a TCI Torque Converter TCC Lockup Kit. Shift points are controlled by the T. Later versions use a pinned flare and o-ring design for these fluid circuits. 200R4 2004R Stage 1 Rebuild Package includes Band, Stator, Drum and More. 84 with Sonnax input carrier kit 77284-K, a great way to gain a better performing, more durable transmission. The 4L60E and 4L65E are built at …. Menu SONNAX 77998-03K PINLESS ACCUMULATOR PISTON 700R4 4L60E, 1-2 and 3-4 PLUS 200-R4 $ 17. If it is a 1993 and is a 1/2 ton then it will have the 4L60E transmission in it. With the introduction of the LS engine family in 1998, later 4L60E transmissions employed a third different input, also 30-spline, with a larger 300mm torque converter that is substantially thicker (about ¾-inch) than previous …. Your re-manufactured Patriot transmission is assembled with high energy clutches. I currently have the Tran pan off looking at throttle body and wondering how to test the solinoid. Purchase a TH200-4R transmission for 1981-1990 Chevy, Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac V8 vehicles. Iv owned this car since 2008 and have gone through two aftermarket transmissions in it. We also stock Turbo 350, Turbo 700, Ford C4, Ford C6, PowerGlide, GM 4L60, GM 4L80, and Chrysler BB 727 transmissions. 4L60E Chevy Corvette C5 Transmission 1997-2004 Stock. Proper adjustment of this cable is critical to transmission longevity. 0 7 ratings | 118 answered questions Currently …. $1,934 through Summit Racing …. Buick Grand National Stage 2 Transmission 2004R, 200R4, 200-4R, TH200 200-R4. 700R4 Driven Gear 40 Tooth -700R4 Driven Gear40 Tooth. The 4L60E (and similar 4L65E) is a series of automatic transmissions from General Motors. Ok so I got my stage 2 mad dog transmission out of the car last weekend to find out its a 83 core so now do I salvage the core is it worth . Chevrolet Silverado 4L60e 1998. 4R75W Ford Stage 2 Performance Transmission. Login; Register; Toggle navigation. It is very common that after you get done with one of this units, it will not want to upshift into 4th gear. Downshift to 3rd, 2nd and 1st at any rpm. Eric Geisert illustrator The CRM Staff. It’s a complex part with an im. The 700r4 transmission is a four-speed automatic transmission that is typically found in General Motors vehicles. 1 Main Transmission Connector - C1 The main transmission connector is the round gray one. Twice as strong as the stock parts. On the other hand, the SuperMatic 4L85E transmission is suitable for Gen I small blocks and all big blocks. Build it yourself and save! Our Monster Rebuild Kits are moderately priced and offer an exceptional value for the performance minded street enthusiast. Compatible With: GM 700R4 4L60 Transmission Deluxe Level 2 Rebuild Kit 1982-84. To receive core credit, the core must be returned to Performance Automatic 5119 Pegasus Court Suite F, Frederick MD 21704 within 60 days of the original purchase date. Learn more Description 700R4 Stage 2 The Nemesis Rebuild In A Box Banner Kit Complete Steels Kit Z-Pac© Race Clutch Set. Im pretty sure 89 was the last year for 700R4. This kit was designed for 1982-1987 units with a type-1 valve body; however, it will fit all year models and valve body types. A refundable core charge will be added to the purchase price of this product. 700R4, 4L60 & 4L60E; Bravada; Mustang; S-10 Body; TH350, Muncie. Ford 4R44e & 4R55e re manufactured transmissions for sale with free torque converter. These transmissions are a direct replacement for your GM vehicle. ) Remove all old gasket material from these parts. This includes the Smart-Tech Input drum one of my favorites and the Zip kits for a well-built bullet proof transmission. 700R4 transmission rebuild kit with clutch & steels. Hughes Performance specializes in rebuilding and repairing transmissions and torque converters. Take some 600-800 grit wet/dry sand paper or a fine honing stone and debur the valve. TH700R4 700R4 4L60 Transmission Rebuild Kit for Firebird & Trans Am 1983-1993. Choose a sub category: Dodge Diesel 48RE transmission parts, 48RE transmission rebuild kits, 48RE transmission filters, 48RE transmission bands, 48RE transmission sprags, 48RE transmission thrust washers, 48RE transmission bushings, 48RE transmission gaskets, 48RE transmission tools, 48RE transmission fluid additives, …. 4L60E GM Chevy Performance Transmission 2wd Stage 2 600 HP Fits (1993-1997) Opens in a new window or tab. Home; Gas Transmissions; TH400; TH400. GM 700R4 Performance Transmission Level 1. Our transmissions are all extensively. The 700R4 is a 4 speed automatic transmission, with a 30% overdrive in 4th gear. Description 700-R4 – Level 2 -Transmission with Torque Converter Email this page to a friend Horse Power: 375 (Up to 400 ft-lbs Torque) Converter: Custom Buiilt & Custom Stalled 12” High Performance Furnace Brazed …. Help Identify This Transmission. Details; Overview; Vehicle Fitment Instructions;. Are you looking for the latest Jasper Transmission price list? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Part of rebuilding a 700R4 transmission includes ensuring the unit is stronger and much more efficient than it used to be. Any thoughts on the 200R4 vs 700R4 models and which would be best for my car. Chevrolet, 700R4, 550HP Rating/12" 2400 Stall. 700R4 Stage 2 2wd Transmission Inc Converter (TH700 4L60 7004R 700-4R 700R-4) Opens in a new window or tab. I have decided against:-- Borg Warner, Hi-Energy wide 2-4 band. Place your order online or call 330-434-5216. It’s as if your vehicle is stuck in neutral and can’t proceed. The print out shows a picture of all chevy tranmissions and for the 700r4. Part Number Procomp Electronics. Transgo 700R4 Stage 2 and 3 HP Shift Kit Automatic …. That would seem to suggest that all our measures about masks and distancing are useless—but that’s a misunderstanding of the. It can fit a variety of vehicles including the Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, Chevrolet S-10, GMC S-15, Chevrolet Blazer, GMC …. Heavy Duty Sleeved Roller Reverse Shell. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items!. LS9 use a special 9 bolt crank flange pattern. In order to determine the actual rear gear ratio, we need to divide the 2. Gear ratios of the 700R4 are: 3. When I purchased it the odometer read 50k miles (had it 10 years). GM 6L80 6L90 Transmission Performance Stage 2 Includes: Precision Gasket & Seal Kit ALTO POWER PAK Updated Pump Assembly Updated Valve Body (Transgo Upgraded TCC Lock Up Valves) All New Internal Electronics Billet Heavy Duty 4-5-6 Clutch Hub & Intermediate Shaft Hyperblue Molded Pistons Oversized Pressure Valve & Boost Valve New Filter Bushing Kit Deep Trans Pan for GM 6L80E Transmission HD. 07 View Item Details 700r4 7004r 4l60 Stage 1 Performance Transmission 2wd $2240. Sonnax Performance Pack HP-4L80E-01 upgrades GM 4L80-E and 4L85-E transmissions for maximum performance and durability in work/sport vehicles. The 700R4 is the most common and has the best selection of accessories currently. Super StreetFighter™ 700R4 Transmission '84-'93, 30-Spline, 30 1/2" Length (Small & Big Block Chevy) SKU 371200. We will be open for normal business hours on Tuesday, September 5th. 700R4 transmission rebuild kit with clutches (no steel plates) Competitors Price $106. Use your Summit Racing SpeedCard today, and get 10% back - Get Details!. OEM 700R4 and 4L60E transmissions had inherent weak points in the sun shell and 3/4 clutch packs. The K-case is more robust and has a thicker transfer case. 700R4 Transmission late 1987-UP models. Reverse clutch premature failure. Remanufactured Pump Assembly Which Includes 10 Vane Rotor Set, Teflon Bushing, Hardened Rings, 500 Boost Valve and All Recommended Updates. Check if this part fits your vehicle. Chose From Stock OEM to Upgraded Stage 1 & 2 Transmissions. Subscribe to Our Newsletter! Mopar Transmissions. One of the most common transmissions for an LS swap is the 4L60E, and for a few reasons. The 700R4 transmission slipping shift problem is usually caused by sl. The transmission was launched by GM, and is sometimes referred to as Hydramatic. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. 2004R BUICK GRAND NATIONAL STAGE 2 TRANSMISSION 200R4 / 2300- 2500 STALL. It shares many components and design features. FTI Performance 700R4 Level 2 Transmission Packages 700R4-2KE2 Transmission Package, 700R4, Level 2, Edelbrock TV Cable Adapter, 2,400 Stall Converter, FTI ATF Fluid, Kit Part Number: FTI-700R4-2KE2. Changing the gear ratio can improve the car’s performance, yield. I've tried to adjust the TV cable with no. Ive got a 1970 el camino (3rd generation). Curt from Curt's Corner takes you step by step through the tear down process of a 700r4 automatic transmission. 1st gear is a very low ratio and with light throttle pressure it will shift quickly into 2nd. Universal transmission mount and mount bolts. FTI Performance Transmission Core Return Process. The 3/4 tons used the 4L80E in them. 23 rear end gear ratio in my '78 standard El Camino with 350v8, 4bbl. SEN-01-4160 - 8K pass-through pulse generator with adaptor cable for GM transmissions with cable drive speed output. The 4L60E (computer controlled 700R4) that I got with my LT1 engine and stuff has a shift kit. Best Sellers in Automotive Replacement Transmission Rebuild Kits. Find Parts and Accessories 700r4 tv cable bracket KEYWORD and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing! $5 Off Your $100 Mobile App Purchase Automatic Transmission Kickdown Cables, 700R4 Adjustable TV Cables, Black Plastic Jacket, GM, 4L60/700R4, Each. 700R4 "The Nemesis" Stage 2 500+HP (7004-R 700R-4 TH700 4L60) (2) Price: Sale Price: Sale. 700R4-2KE2: Level 2 700R4 Transmission with Edelbrock adaptor, SB2400LT30 converter, and High Performance ATF. The 700R4 is 22-1/2" from the face where it attaches to the block to the center line of the transmission mount bolts. The 700R4 is a great transmission with a low first gear (3. 2004R 350 700R4 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E 4L30E NV1500 POWERGLIDE SM318 SM319 ST300 JETAWAY SAGINAW ETC TRANSMISSION & TRANSFER CASE TAIL HOUSING BUSHING 1. 1967 Camaro RS (SS 350 Clone) Convertible Monster Transmission Stage 2 700r4 (had it rebuilt by local transmission shop) Dynatech Headers Flowmaster Exhaust 3. The 700R4 has wider spaced gears than the 350, plus that overdrive. There are three main castings of the 700R. 2400-2800 rpm stall speed to match your engine and camshaft needs. 4L60E GM Transmission 2 Piece Stage 2 (98-05) Includes: All Listed Parts Are NEW Z-Pack Hi Energy Clutch Set 3/4 with Kolene® Steels Bushing Kit to OEM Spec Recalibrated Valve Body w/ Shift Kit HD Updated Sun Shell Corvette Servo Kevlar HD Band Remanufactured Pump Assembly Inc. FTI Performance 700R4 Level 2 transmissions feature: * 9-clutch 3-4 high energy pack * High-energy performance band * Performance servo * Oversized performance boost valve * Hardened sun gear drive shell * Hardened pump rings * Mechanical speedometer drive gear * Throttle TV cable * External lockup plug connector * Filler tube and stick. Rebuilt 4L60E transmission with rebuilt torque converter 2wd and 4x4 available $950. 06-07 Corvette C6 6L80E Automatic Transmission …. 5-Star Rated Nationally Recognized 700R4 Transmission Supplier. This item: B&M 70288 Filter Extension for Extra Depth Transmission Pan. Both from maddog transmissions (previously outlaw trans). 700R4 4L60 Transmission Overhaul Banner Kit Less Steel Kit 1982-84. 0 SuperCharged or Turbo to Chevy Automatic Transmission (700R4/TH350/TH400) AOD Ford Transmission Accessory Package. 1967 chevy II 327 700R4 transmission Posi rear end Duel exhaust Lots chrome n stuff done Good driver $27500 Trade for classic car or newer pickup truck. 99 Lowest Price Guarantee 700-R4 Performance Transmission. Performance Automatic PA70104 - Street Smart 700R4 Transmission Package Includes: Stage 2 Street Smart 700R4 Transmission (0) $4,549. Will fit years from 1982 - 2006. 700R4 Transmission ""The Nemesis"" Stage 2 600HP 2 years/Unlimited mileage warranty Includes: Free High Performance Torque Converter 2300-2500 StallHeavy Duty HIGH ENERGY Z Pack Clutch 700R4 ""The Nemesis"" Stage 2 500+HP (7004-R 700R-4 TH700 4L60). It sits upon a carrier gear and is responsible for turning the rest of the set, making it the centerpiece of the set. 2l: transmission: 700r4 (md8), 4l60, 4l60e, 4l60 (m30), 700r4, thm200c: diameter:. Ready-to-Install Complete Performance Corvette Servo Assembly 700R4 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E (1982-UP) (844) 298-6404. TCI - Maximizer 4x4 Transmission 1984-93 GM TH700R4 (30-spline) $3,595. We offer an extended Warranty 2 Year 50,000 Mile Warranty, or a 3 Year 100,000 Mile. 63 ratio (2nd Gear) is a dramatic RPM drop that causes performance engines to fall out of their power band. Casting Number; 24208015-9, 24208015-8, 24208015-7. 16:1 – whereas the 4L60E’s gear ratios are harder to work with, even with another rear axle ratio like 3. This item: 0AM DQ200 DSG7 Transmission Case end Cap 0AM301212A. There were three levels of TH400 builds: Level 2 ($1,395) will hold up to 450 hp; Level 3 ($2,195) up to 550 hp; and the Level 4 ($4,395) package will handle up to 850 hp. Get the best deals for 700r4 transmission performance at eBay. Stock 700R4s only have six clutch plates in the Third to Fourth gear shift pack. Order high performance automatic transmissions online at JEGS High Performance. Free shipping to any business address in …. There are a few different types of transmission fluid that can be used in the 700R4 transmission. I just had a 700r4 installed in place of the Powerglide in my '68. Adjustable GM Transmisson Column Shift Linkage Kit For 350 700R4 …. The 700R4, produced by General Motors/Hydramatic, is considered one of the best overdrive transmissions ever made. K-Case Differences The K-case 700r4 transmission was introduced due to the "K" stamp on the transmission case. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for TH700R4 High Performance Rebuild Kit Stage 2 With Alto 3-4 Power Pack 1987-1992 at the best online Should fit. This is a video of a THM-700-R4 Transmission. 1 - 24 of 978 results for Transmission Filter Compare Refine. JW Performance Street Lethal 700R4 Transmissions. This 700R4 rebuild kit is rated to 500hp and 450 ft lbs of torque. JEGS Torque Converter for GM 700R4 [2800-3200 RPM Stall Speed] Part Number: 555-60412. throttle cable on the short stud with clip slot 3. chevy302builder18 · #2 · Sep 25, 2011. Fits Chevy 1987-1993 Only # K1. No 4L60E until 1994, 1993 was a one year only 4L60. Superior components and a great warranty make these packages the best in the business. Includes 7-CS high RPM clutch kit. 1 left in stock Lowest Price Guarantee $ + $ $ Street Smart 700R4 Transmission Package. Racing '82-'86 GM 700R4 (27-Spline) Overhaul Kit. Paul Zank of Technical Video gives you the step by step do it yourself instructions - 4 Wheel and Offroad Magazine We called Paul at. Rebuilding a 700R4 seems to be a daunting task for many - but with the right information to decode a 700R4 you can snag up a stock transmission that will put. The 30% overdrive will give a 30 to 40% increase in gas mileage on the road when compared to a 3-speed transmission. FTI Performance 700R4 Level 2 transmissions packages feature: * 9-clutch 3-4. 71454Chevelle Lifetime Premium Discussion starter · Jun 9, 2008. automatic manual transmission kits hoses components. The Transmission Substation. a 700R4 to a 5R55N a 700R4to a 4T65E to a 5R55N to a 4T65E by the ATRA Technical Department 40 GEARS September 2005 The names and towns have been changed to protect the innocent. 700R4, Speedometer Drive Gears in-stock with same-day shipping. I am thinking of changing to an overdrive transmission. The issue with 200-4Rs and 700-R4s from a builder standpoint is the TV cable geometry and adjustment is critical, relatively simple, yet I would say over 75% of issues we see with them are related to the cable setup. The top performance transmission rebuild kit from B&M that helps generate more power includes: High-performance materials. 500” Boost Valve Retaining Ring. it will not 4-2 downshift for anyreason. The 700R4 is one of the most versatile transmissions ever built. The transmission in this case will contain pressure switches, a torque converter clutch solenoid, shift control solenoids and a duty cycle controlled pressure control solenoid. cable adjusted properly, spool valve works, and governer is fine but when applying throttle car will not downshift. No racing here just pleasure driving. Helps cure: 1-2 Bang at light throttle. The 700R4 is the way to go as it's got less electronics and would be a simpler swap from what I know. Login; 700R4 "The Nemesis" Stage 2 500+HP (7004-R 700R-4 TH700 4L60) Original price (2) Stage 1 4L60E 4L65E (98-05) A500/42RE/44RE Jeep Remanufactured Transmission Stage 1. TH400 Turbo 400 Transmission Raybestos Stage 1 Deluxe Level 2 Rebuild Kit. When it comes to a 700r4 and even the fully electronic 4L600-E , it works the same, another words when you shift into rev or forward at a dead stop from park it is completely controlled by the manual valve and is completely hydraulic. HD 34 Element Sprag (Intermediate) Complete New Bushing Set (no walk bushings). GM StreetFighter Overdrive Trans. Home; 2004R Stage 2 Conversion Package (2004-R, 200R-4) ALL Big Blocks) (+$529. 700R4, Automatic Transmissions. If you put a 350 turbo in it the engine Will not even run right because of the computer system on the truck will be trying to figure out were the transmission is at. The gear ratios for the 4L70E are: 1st gear: 3. If you have this type of 700R4 transmission, remove the four bolts holding the small support plate to the case at the rear of the valve body. 700R4 Stage 2 2wd Transmission Inc Converter (TH700 4L60 7004R 700-4R 700R-4) Includes Free Converter and 2yr Warranty! Since 1993! $350. The 700R4 uses both a traditional mechanical speedometer cable, like you might find in an older muscle car. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 700R4 Stage 1 2WD Transmission Free Converter (700-4R TH700 4L60 7004-R) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. 700R4 Combo Kits, 700R4 Performance Rebuild Kit. Shop 700R4, Speedometer Drive Gears and get Free Shipping on orders over $149 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. When the transmission fails on a car, the car becomes practically useless because the transmission is responsible for changing the gears on the car, which in turn provides the power to the wheels to move it forward. These TH200-4R performance transmissions are remanufactured with a shift kit and all new bands, clutch plates, steel plates, seals and much more. Estimated Ship Date Automatic Transmission, Forward Shift Pattern, Automatic Valve Body, Chevy, 700R4, 4WD, Each. It has been fully dyno tested to ensure proper operation. Stage 3: is for that Saturday night special. Psittacosis is caused by infection. no upshifts are normally a sign of trouble in a 700r4. 95) Throttle Valve Bracket (OEM Syle) for 700R4/2004R TV Cable to Carter AFB, Quadrajet or Edelbrock Carburetors (+$73. transmission with a 3:55 rear end. ENGINE SPECS: Horsepower: 325 hp. The TH (turbo-hydramatic) 700R4 was developed for use after 1982 in GMC and Chevrolet cars and trucks. The horsepower that stock and an upgraded 700R4 transmission can handle is not the same. Master Overhaul Kit with High Energy Frictions and Hardened Steels Wide Carbon Fiber 2-4 Band. i got it all hooked back up adjusted the tv cable to spec, and now. Cheap and Easy to do! BTO Links: Catalog Sections: Inspection Covers · 700R4 Inspection Covers · 2004R Inspection Covers 2004R Transmissions 700R4 Transmissions Bowtie T-Shirts Cooling Lines Vehicle Specific …. Note: Early 1982 TH-700’s had a support plate located un-der the 1-2 accumulator hous-ing. Backed by over 80 years of automatic transmission OE manufacturer engineering expertise, Raybestos Powertrain friction clutch plates, steel clutch plates, and bands are designed to. I doesn't leak out the rear shaft seal but the fluid is coming from the rear end of the yoke and dripping down in front of the universal joint. First thing you want to look for is the # on the passenger side of the rear of the case just above the oil pan on the case itself. The 9C1 option is the police option. Now more than ever, an overdrive transmission and lock-up converter are the keys to long cruises and superior fuel economy. Upgraded 36 element direct drum (aluminum direct drum upgrade available). Freight ChargeLoading Estimated Ship Date: Today. I'm looking to rebuild a 700r4 tranny for my 69 camaro and was told to stick with the 88-92 yrs. 95) TV Cable (Genuine Delco) (+$49. All of our Extreme transmissions come standard with Kiln Bronzed and Micro Balanced converters. You can put the vehicle into drive and shift it into second gear without issue, and just as you try to go into third, nothing happens. You can verify with a tape measure. Free Shipping on all domestic orders! — Learn Transgo 700R4 Stage 2 and 3 HP Shift Kit Automatic Transmission 700-2&3 …. 700r4 Performance Transmission Stage 2 2wd 550-600 Hp 2300-2500 Stall $2632. Performance Automatic Chrysler 904 Transmission Stage 2. 25" Opens in a new window or tab. Will be built electronic lock-up unless you choose non-lockup under options. Economically priced and quality built unit with the street enthusiast in mind. Tranzilla™ is a 6-speed transmission that will accept 1,200 Horsepower and 1,000 ft/lbs of torque. The ACDelco longer 2-4 servo pin - ACU-8680501 - 036666138658 ACCOUNT CONTACT MY CART. And came a replacement for the former three-speed TH350 automatic transmission. 700r4 has a thicker case because it is exclusively for 4 x 4 trucks, but Th400 is for heavy drags. As the title suggests, I’m trying to see if anyone knows what the normal transmission cooler line pressure is in a 700r4 transmission. The internet will say no, but I say otherwise. This will make the installation a bit easier and reliability significantly better since you. th400 Transmission: Which One To Chose?. The K-case 700r4 transmission was designed to work with heavy-duty 4×4 trucks, and it is known as one of the best offroad transmissions. Used for vehicles that do not require a speed sensor track cars or vehicles w/ GPS speedometer ; For use with 700R4 Transmissions Includes plug, bolt, …. This 700R4 transmission is ideal for vehicles producing factory horsepower and torque levels. 1967 Camaro RS (SS 350 Clone) Convertible Monster Transmission Stage 2 700r4 (had it rebuilt by local transmission shop) …. With a 383 SBC Stroker engine, S-10 front frame, Jaguar XJS/XJ6 rear end, air conditioned, power brakes, and power steering. 4L60E Performance & HD Transmission Build Guides. * 700R4 Speedometer Gear Housing Inner Seal. 4R75E Stage 2 Built with Red Alto Clutches, Kolene® Steels, Sonnax HD Smart tech Drum and More! 700R4, 4L60 & 4L60E; Bravada; Mustang; S-10 Body; TH350, Muncie, Powerglide, T-10, Saginaw, TH200 ; Universal; 6L80 Crossmembers; Stage 2 Ford Transmission. The Jasper Transmission Price List is a great resource for comparing prices and getting the best deal on your transmission repair. 4L80E Performance Transmission. Includes the following: all paper gaskets, pan gasket, rubber o-rings and lip seals, metal clad seals, sealing rings, …. It is connected to the transmission by way of a pair of bolts on the bottom of the case. Never leave out the 1-2 checkball. Hughes Performance Transmissions & More at Summit Racing. Came across a stage 2 700r4 from a company called fti performance. GM 4L60E Performance Transmission Upgrades. QHQSQC Servo Piston Assembly & Black Cover & Snap Ring Replacement For Shift Rite Transmissions 1982-2014 700R4 4L65E 4L70E 4L60E. Here you'll find not only a deluxe rebuilding kit, Master overhaul kit with all friction and steel plates (Raybestos brand)( 3/4 friction plates are HI ENERGY type), 2. 3Yr Warranty and Free Converter Included. PATC is on the cutting edge of performance rear wheel drive American transmission development. Full instructions are included.