Does Psa Dagger Slide Fit Glock 19

Does Psa Dagger Slide Fit Glock 19Meet the PSA Dagger—A $299 Glock Alternative. of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04 It does fit a Glock 20/21 sport holster and actually clicks into the holster. I know I could search through the 150+ different Dagger models on the PSA website, but I'm hoping someone here might already know, and can save me hours of online clicking and searching. Complete Slide ONLY don’t ask For frames. The big difference between the two is that the Dagger retails for $299 vs. I saw that light for sale on primary arms but the one on PSA was cheaper and came with a laser. It isn’t a problem, per see, but it IS different. Official PSA watch not included 😏. It does not drop into the Dagger slide easily. You would need to use a gen 5 slide back plate and the recoil spring from the Dagger slide. There is the complete full size Dagger that will be available in the future… I suppose you could always do a grip chop on it and use compact 15RD mags. One of the issues you might face is that the charging handle is designed to fit perfectly into the Glock slide grooves. 40 SW magazines (glock gen 3 & 4 factory, ETS sticks) are stiff and a bit hard to insert into the frame. , Dagger TM Full Size - S frame). yeah they won’t make a holster specific to the dagger. He ordered a NDZ kit that had a new recoil rod and spring set (15. I just bought an stripped 43X frame from GunBroker. The PSA Dagger trumps the Glock 19 when it comes to price value and affordability. fit the PSA Dagger with RMR Cut?. One has a Glock 19 upper, and one has a cheap generic slide. Plus integrated comp would be 50 states legal. Sent about 500 rounds through her, worked flawless not one malfunction. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G19 and Palmetto State Armory Dagger Compact. Fully decked out Micro Dagger with Holosun EPS carry 6moa green, Streamlight TLR-7sub and Standard Co FFT trigger shoe. BLK 826267 Swenson Enhanced Slides are precision machined …. We believe the 2nd Amendment is best defended through grass-roots organization, education, and advocacy centered around individual gun owners. You can put the G19G3 slide on the dagger. Have one on my brownels slide p80 glock build and it works perfectly fine probably wouldn't fare well in a severe drop test without their steel shield they sell for it too bit even with the little shield it comes out to around 250 at optics planet for the justice, they're made of nice 7075 aluminum and with the. The PSA Dagger is a polymer-framed 9mm striker-fired pistol that shares many features and functions with the Glock Gen 3 model 19. The slide and barrel are whatever. I fits in 3 paddle and 1 Safariland holsters. So the Dagger got the first AIM, and the G19 got the rainbow. Well I got a Dagger complete upper for $199, a SCT frame for $50, and a lpk for $29. Compact Dagger™ firing pins fail at a seemingly higher rate than OEM Glock firing pins. Does anyone have both an ODG OEM Glock and a PSA dagger Sniper Green that can post a color comparison? if nobody has tried the combo already then I guess I have no choice but to buy the slide and find out. PSA Dagger slide + GST mod 1 failure to feed. my PSA dagger slide is binding and getting caught on my SCT frame. The Dagger™ Compact and Full Size - S pistols share the same internal parts and slide assembly (barrel and recoil spring assembly). Swenson Enhanced Glock 19 Gen 3 Slides are precision machined from stainless steel for a drop-in fit. Advantages of Installing the PSA Dagger Slide on Glock 19. If you'd like to shave more weight PSA has a good-looking slide with holes in it, an RMR cut, and retaining iron …. The slide is compatible with all generations of the Glock 19, including Gen 3 and Gen 4 models. Red Dot optic cut for Trijicon RMR and Holosun 507C. Any suggestions? Use different bullets. WTS] glock/PSA Dagger slide w/ holosun : r/GunAccessoriesForSale. A community member has performed a detailed analysis of this issue and concluded a potential root cause is Cerakote overspray in the firing pin channel of the Compact Dagger™ slide (the issue was not observed with DLC-coated slides),. Recoil Spring "normal weight" won't work. NFA ENGRAVING; STIPPLING, PLASTIC SURGERY Fits Glock 19 Gen 1-5, 19X , G45, All P80 & PSA Dagger. The slides are not quite the same. Posted: 3/13/2023 10:52:42 PM EDT. PSA hasn't made a frame that's compatible with gen 3 slides for the Glock 17, but they have made a full grip, short dustcover frame that works with gen 3 slides for the Glock 19 and they've also made a longer slide, the "Compact X", with a 4. so I bought a Glock front and rear sight removal tools. The Dagger slide is tight on a 19 G3 frame. This fits any Glock 19 compatible frame. 6oz less than a factory Glock slide. OEM Gen 3 Glock lower parts kit $43. Something is up with the homemade frame and the 33-round magazine. Mainly because it’s a first run glock and the 47 frame accepts the 19 slide. Glock 19 Gen 4 oem slide with psa dagger frame confusion. The trigger guard areas also need a little sanding. It features a stainless steel barrel and slide, as well as a variety of enhancements such as front and rear serrations, fiber optic sights, and a flat-faced trigger. Additionally a CMC Kragos slide and barrel were slapped on a dagger frame, and essentially created a bolt action pistol. I will get a Cleaver in the G17 size, maybe an RIA STK 100 and will probably get another Shadow Systems clone but G19/17 size. It functions exactly as my Gen 5 19 MOS does in the holster. A Holosun HS407C isn't going to fit a Trijicon RMR footprint as well as a Trijicon RMR. The lower is a GST-9 that is glock 3 compatible. The Baltimore Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, Miami Police Department, and Maryland State Police are all known to use the Glock pistol. For a more durable, muzzle flip-reducing option, consider trying one of our stainless steel, or tungsten guide rods, with a variety of spring weights to choose from. A PSA Dagger will not fit a Glock 19 pistol. * What size hex key is needed to remove the set screw (if present) from the rear iron sight on the Dagger?: 1/16in. The only issues that stop this from happening naturally are the locking block/barrel lug mating, the guide rod length change from alleviating the barrel issue, and the gap between the end of the slide and the frame (that covers the recoil. I came across them a couple months ago when they were in stock as I was starting to build. I picked up a complete Dagger slide a while back being the cheapest complete slide I could find. thats 200 less than glock for a very similar gun. Your choices are buy a glock 19 that's on roster (full firearm only) or find a insovidual in California willing to sell you a used frame. That said, don't hold your breath on it locking back every time. Any help in what could be causing this issue. An OEM Glock or aftermarket G19 gen3 trigger pin will fit the Compact Dagger™. An OEM Glock G19 gen5 frame will require an OEM Glock (or aftermarket) G19 gen5 / G19X / G45 slide cover plate (part number 33784). I set notifications on every dagger slide to restock and grabbed one for $199 shipped. Glock Parts; Handgun Parts; Muzzle Devices; Rifle Parts; Gunsmithing; Shop all Gun Parts. AAC Ammo; ZEV 3rd Gen Z19 Enhanced SOCOM w/RMR Optic Cut & Absolute Co-Witness Signature Cut-Glock 19 SLide. Dagger slide requires no baseplates or screw modifications to work with. 7 Rock is fed from a supplied 23 round magazine and operated by a smooth single-action striker-fired trigger mechanism. I imagine it fits the G19 Gen 3 frame fine too. Psa micro dagger x 43x : r/Glock43X. 03-29-2022 | 7:32 AM · enorbit3 · They're not the same size. Psa is definitely working on a 22lr Dagger. What iron sights are compatible with Dagger slides?: (Most) Glock 19 compatible iron sights will fit the Dagger slides. Dagger full is like a 19x or 45, not like a 17. The trigger bar is pretty roughly stamped. Cuts 2 & 4 accommodate multiple optics. The PSA Dagger will work with any Glock Gen 3 compatible G19, G23, G32, and G38 slide. This is the part number is reflected in my Armorers Glock parts list dated 10-06-21. It fits in the mck fine but either charging handles moves back and off the slide after 5 or 6 rounds. The route I went was to purchase the full size frame separately and add the PSA Compact X slide assembly, which is a Glock 17 slide length. G19 Gen 3 Slide and Barrel from STS Firearms. 20220419_2221561271×997 286 KB. My go to Tier1 Concealed Axis Slim (EDC), Safariland 6390RDS (TacticalGames/2/3gun), and RDR Gear OWB all work (IDPA) all work great my …. PSA Dagger Complete Slide Assembly with Carry Cut, Night Sights. Attached File It runs 100% on the frame. I did some homework and saw that it can fit a glock 19 gen 4 but needs an adapter since dagger is clone of gen 3. Attached File With the trigger held back, the trigger will not reset when the slide is cycled. The wider 19 size frame distributes the recoil better and it is less snappy than the Glock 48 which uses the shorter 43/43X dual recoil spring. The Baltimore Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, Miami Police Department, and Maryland State Police …. However, PSA redesigned the Compact Dagger™ trigger pin to have wider and deeper notches in an attempt to fix the walking trigger pin issues. 150" deep with screw bosses) likely won't be ideal for the Dagger. I like the 507C because it’s affordable, super durable, and packed with useful features like ultra long battery life, a Solar panel to back …. The wide selection of suppressor-height sights suitable for a slide RMR-cut by JagerWerks (0. Both the frame and slide are available separately from PSA. A cut and optic ready Dagger slide, Apex Trigger, and RMR all go into making the PSA Dagger into more than just a “cheaper version of a Glock. to/caXMZAQ $119 Recoil assembly https://alnk. Not the most pretty, but it works after an initial break-in period. 90 When you add both! Regular Price $354. Will a Gen 3 slide work on a Gen 5 frame? : r/Glocks. Will the dagger slide fit on glock 45 or 19x frame? Since they are. My akv began running flawlessly after 1200 rounds but the bolt catch broke (it happens) PSA has been great to deal with but 200 rounds is nothing. The frame itself is printed in PLA+. Red Dot/Holographic Sights; Rifle Scopes; Iron Sights; Spotting Scopes; Glock 19 Gen 5 Pistols. The lockups are different between the Glock 17/34 Gen 3 and the Glock 19/26 Gen 3. The Glock handgun is the preferred pistol of police worldwide. This is clearly a Glock 19 Gen 3 clone. Just pick Glock 19 and in the comments write for PSA Dagger. Posted: 11/11/2022 7:25:45 PM EDT. The only negatives I have heard were a few issues with pins walking out. G26 is the compact version of the 19/17. The Daggers are more comfortable. In fact, PSA specifically developed the Dagger as an inexpensive alternative to the pricey Glock 19. On cycling the slide back from battery (no mag, no ammo), the slide travel has a significant bump, or hump, as it begins the motion backwards and the barrel drops down under the …. I just completed my Dagger upgrade. Complete Dagger slide with RMR cuts minus barrel are $159 from PSA. The Dagger will fit in generic nylon Glock holsters but won’t fit in a Fobus polymer holster. The portion of the firing pin that extends through the breech face is slightly wider than an OEM Glock G19 gen3 or equivalent aftermarket firing pin. In this episode of TFBV, Hop reviews the PSA Dagger 9 Compact to see if the savings are really worth it. the Dagger stock white sights are decent in my opinion. Plus more reliable than a tacked on or multipart barrel and comp keyed assembly like the radian afterburner. Most of the issues I have heard of with the PSA Dagger are the Grip Frame, not with the slide. But here of late I have seen a more than a few being put up for sale on here. PSA Dagger Slide on G19 Frame OCGunVibes 235 subscribers Subscribe 23K views 1 year ago CALIFORNIA **Please Like & Subscribe** This is an overview and update on the PSA Dagger Slide on. My Zaffiri slide is perfect, fit and finish. The Glock 19 handgun was first produced in 1988. No steel/aluminum mag catch which is required for Shield Arms steel magazine. Trash to Treasure: Upgrades to the PSA Dagger. The rails look just a tad different. The DLC slide and carry cuts look fantastic and provide a unique view from behind the gun with its blocky slide. With PSA having developed and manufactured a 15-round polymer magazine for the Micro Dagger (and OEM Glock G43X), will PSA develop a 15+ round polymer magazine for the. The Striker Control Device (SCD) is a cover plate for your Glock pistol that blocks the rearward motion of the striker when thumb pressure is applied to the back of the slide – similar to a hammer on a DA/SA hammer fired pistol. HANDGUN] PSA DAGGER COMPACT 9MM PISTOL WITH DLC SLIDE …. Have a question: does a Glock 19 slide work on palmetto state armory dagger frame and would a psa dagger slide work on a Glock 19 or 19 clone frame? comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment [deleted] • Additional comment actions does gen 5 glock frame fit the psa dagger slide?. P80 Compact (G19) Here’s my Sniper Green Dagger slide on a custom Brownell’s Grip P80 with tall sights and my custom FDE G26… and …. Should fit in the majority of the Glock holsters. The HS407C is slightly shorter. Standard Glock® front & rear sight cuts. Does Psa Dagger Fit In Glock 19 Holster – Veronika Kostova. The Glock 19 handgun was initially produced in 1988. All retention is typically gained at the trigger guard or the WML if present. PSA Dagger slide works on gen 5 frame with gen 3 recoil spring. Any gen 3 compatible 22lr slide will work on the Dagger's frame. Made them all noticeably better to shoot as well. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Add/Remove Handguns Glock. I have 3 light bearing holsters, 2 IWB and 1 OWB for TLR 1. How does the Psa dagger compare to the glock 19 gen 5 in terms …. It has an initial break-in period, though. Would that work? Seems like it may be more simple to go that route if it did. Its Gen3 Glock 19 base allows it to accept almost any Gen3 spare part, including slide and barrel adjustments, thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of high-quality …. This optic offers a true daylight bright 3 MOA reticle, multi-coated lenses, night vision compatibility, and an ultra-long battery runtime with a side-loading battery slot. However, they're also proprietary due to the fact they're shorter in length. PSA Dagger Full Size - S 9mm Pistol With Extreme Carry Cut RMR Slide & Threaded Barrel, Black DLC. Preferably without modifying the rails or locking block. The PSA Dagger uses the same barrel as the Glock 19. Suppressor height sights don't have the same point of impact as the stock oem slide, but still holds a tight grouping. I always recommend some Pmags as well, sometimes half the price and I don't mind banging them up more than my OEM ones. There are a lot of cad files out there for Gen 3 compatible Glock frames - just wondering if anyone knows whether the PSA dagger slide is compatible with something like the PY2A series. Unlike with the 9 mm Compact Dagger™ for which the OEM Glock G19 gen3 patents have expired, PSA needs to navigate the …. I've searched the web and have read where people say it should be possible, but no one who has actually 'done it and run it. PSA Dagger vs Glock 19 Gen Differences, Compatibility And ">PSA Dagger vs Glock 19 Gen Differences, Compatibility And. These are MRDS's PSA has verified to be compatible with the Compact Dagger TM RMR-cut slide. PSA dagger slide will only be a range deal for me, but overall it's going ok. Order genuine PSA Dagger pistol frames direct from the manufacturer. I have a dagger frame, and am trying to put an Overwatch DAT trigger in (supposed to be compatible with Glock Gens 1-4). Give me all the Glock-style mags!. The popular pistol has been copied, cloned, and customized by countless manufacturers. The new Dagger™ debuted at SHOT Show 2022 as the "Full Size" Dagger™. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G26 Gen5 and Palmetto State Armory Dagger Compact. If you do have issues, (the slide needing a nudge to go fully into battery is a common one) a couple hundred rounds to break it in will. The biggest differences between the Compact Dagger™ frame and an OEM Glock G19 frame are in the areas of the trigger guard and the accessory rail. But like any manufacturer, they can only guarantee work with their own products. Will Glock 17 Magazine Fit In Glock 19; Will Glock 19 Gen 4 Mags Fit Gen 3; What Glocks Are The Same Size As The 19; Does The Psa Dagger Take Glock Mags. PSA Dagger Review: Hands On Tested! : Gun University. Is a PSA Dagger as good as a Glock?. In addition to the slide assembly being machined to an attractive and functional profile, this one is finished in a “Sniper Green” Cerakote. Nothing amazing but much better than the Glock plastic bucket sights. It has a SIG-like texture in hand, but it shoots like a Glock 19. The charging handle is designed to fit perfectly into the OEM Glock slide's grooves. It’s been posted several times everywhere. Glock 19 barrels work in all gens. No the Dagger frame is designed for Gen 3 G19 slides. They also offer the most options for any of the accessories you may have added to your handgun. The interior of the slide, however, is exactly the same as a Gen3 G19 slide, so they interchange with either frame. Glock G26 Gen5 vs Palmetto State Armory Dagger Compact. 1- Trijicon RMR (no other) 2- Burris ff, Vortex venom and viper, dr optic. PSA DAGGER COMPATABILITY : r/PalmettoStateArms. I would urge caution with any hard fit options like Kydex as small dimension differences may impact how well. Huge Selection of AR15 Uppers, AR15 Parts, Ammunition, Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns and Shooting Accessories at Great Low Prices. In case anyone was wondering, the above combo does work - with some modifications. What holsters work for the PSA Dagger? Any holster that is custom molded to fit the specs of the PSA Dagger works well with. The PSA Dagger is based on the Gen3 Glock 19, and while there are some dimensional differences, the Dagger is compatible with most Gen3 spare . There is also one finger groove on the front of the grip. Check their website for different parts they sell. I believe PSA has/is selling the stripped frame if you want to buy their dagger frame and put an OEM slide and parts on it that'd be an option also. ***Please Like & Subscribe***This is an overview and update on the PSA Dagger Slide on a Glock 19 Gen 3 FrameComplete upper parts:-Complete PSA Dagger Slide-. I'm not bound by serial numbers, so I'll use my stock g43 slide. 5" barrel that works with the same frame. What makes the PSA Dagger so different is the fact that it comes in at a $299 price point. The Glock 19 is generally more expensive than the PSA Dagger. In short, it’s an absolute steal at $300. Finally made it to range today to test them. You can cut the pistol grip on the 19 to 26 size but still sort of redundant. I won a PSA Dagger SW4 slide in a raffle, so now have plans to throw a G19 Gen 3 frame under it. I purchased a Hilliker Holster a few weeks ago. Dagger slide in 19x Ballhitch May 6, 2022, 6:07pm 1 For some reason my dagger slide will not fit on my Glock 19 X and vice versa so wondering if anyone has any similar examples. Polymer80 competition? Palmetto State Armory PS9 Dagger. You will need a G17 gen5 barrel with the Dagger™ frames. Which would require modification to the dust cover channel to accommodate the larger nose around the recoil spring. rjr573 September 9, 2023, 8:43pm 1. If you submit a warranty claim on. Compatible w/ all Double Stack Gen 1-4 SW40 Glock incl. In traditional rifling, there is a series of spiral lands and grooves that impart a gyroscopically stabilizing rotation to the bullet. The Palmetto State Armory Dagger, also known as the PSA Dagger, was created to compete in the compact pistol market against the Glock 19. Further, the Dagger has front slide . PSA got a big chunk of my paycheck last month. The Dagger Slide will mount to the Glock receiver. Glock Rear Sight Pushers will not work with Dagger Rear Sights because Dagger Sights are. * PSA did not design/test the Dagger frame for use with any caliber other that 9mm. Please see the dagger holster thread. Glock 19 Gen 5 FS 9mm Pistol, Gold Slide - ACG-57031. And they come with Magpul P15 magazines. The PSA Dagger is a little different to shoot. This allows the “full” length CompactX (ie 19L) slide to be used to mimic the 17 (ala Glock 47) or the compact slide to be used like a 19x/45. How does the Psa dagger compare to the glock 19 gen 5 in terms of reliability? 1yr ⋅ Wozak_. Full Service Retailers Sponsor-Retailers Long Range Precision Specialties and Components Tactical/Practical/Tools; Arnie's Guns and Archery: Al Flaherty's Outdoor. ETA: I see the FMK does not take Glock mags, which is why I never paid attention to it before. As with all of Blackhawk’s leather holsters, this one is made in Italy. the Dagger slide has a better finish and the serrations are better. Hello, I have a PSA Dagger (19style) milled, nitrided, complete upper that came with all PSA internals and threaded barrel. This sub seems pretty welcoming of not-really-Glocks so hopefully someone here can offer some advice. (Venom plate) plate fit my AA slide perfectly. Promptly E-mail your order number to bryan at aimsurplus. I’m going to take the opportunity to mention that the likelihood of you (no offense intended) being able to “out shoot” the Dagger’s stock barrel, is incredibly small… 99. The PSA Dagger SW4 slide builds on the profile of the SW2 with the addition of an aggressive “gator mouth”-like concave cut to the front of the slide, showing off the end of your favorite barrel. Will the Micro Dagger fit Glock 43x holsters properly? I am thinking of adding this slide to my 43x The Micro Dagger slide on a G43X frame should fit any holster made for the G43X. PSA Dagger Complete RMR Slide Assembly With Extreme Carry …. There have been some varied reports as to the fit. Compact Dagger™ slide on OEM Glock G19 gen5 frame. PJ holsters makes Dagger holsters with just about any light. The finish is less slick than Glock's making manipulation easier. Loving the dagger slide, great grip texture and it feels a little lighter (but don't quote me). I’m sorry for the rush, but I’ve been waiting on the Dagger upper blem, or Christmas deal to happen, and if it doesn’t this daily deal would seriously work. In this video, I compare the Glock G19 and the anticipated PSA Dagger which will win your heart. The area of damage on the safety plunger is approximately 0. It was originally developed by Tom Jones and Todd Louis Green from the inspiration of double action hammer fired. I mounted this on a stock Glock 19 frame. Quick video showing what to expect with a Dagger slide on a Gen 3 frame. It fit perfectly on my Glock 19. The Dagger is not a budget pistol at a reasonable price. The 43X frame is one MM wider than the 43 and the barrel is longer in the 43X. While we can always thow a 17 sized mag in a 19 sized frame, we can’t just slap a 17 sized slide on there, for the velocity bump & longer sight radius. You can't always go by what a manufacturer says when it comes to Glock parts compatibility. What Glock is the PSA dagger equivalent to? It depends on which variant of the PSA Dagger you’re referring to. It's not a Glock, as it has some departures from the stock Glock 19 in price point and other features, as you’ll see. so I wanted to update the front sight to a red tru glow that my eyes seem to pick up better than the white. I don't know the depth of the Brownells RMR-cut slide, but just from looking at it you can tell that it's deep. We both used the SCT serialized frame and a PSA Dagger slide. You can sell your 43x MOS slide for like $350 and buy PSA slide for $280. I got the version with no barrel and no gu. 5 but that would be cool to be able to drop this slide on the G19X!. Think it comes down to the screws he used. The Dagger upper half is much better than a Glock. But didnt see anything else on it or on any other video is that actually coming out and does anyone know on time frame I would love to make one into a competition pistol just want to know if anyone else …. The quick answer is yes, a Glock 19 barrel will fit in a PSA Dagger. Yep, you can run a glock striker in the dagger slide but not the other way around. They could’ve still stamped their logo on the baseplate and just had a small hole for baseplate removal. You will obviously have a section of the recoil spring exposed because the dust cover of the 26 frame is not long enough to fully extend to the end of. Yeah, this is closer to PSA's take on the discontinued Polymer 80 PF940CL, but instead of a different frame with a G17 length rail section, they made the slide meet up with the rail section. Yes plenty of people have used Gen 4 and 5 G19 barrels in their Gen 3 G19's. This DIY route means buying the complete $99 grip frame, and then topping it with a slide of my choice. The Baltimore Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, Miami Police Department, and Maryland State Police are all. OEM Glock and aftermarket magazine releases / catches (intended for use with an OEM Glock G19 gen3) may be functionally compatible with the Dagger™ frame, however, with the unique ergonomics of the Dagger™ frame / grip, aesthetically some OEM Glock and aftermarket magazine releases may be a poor fit. The other barrel has a flat crown, round muzzle exit, and is stamped “9x19” on the side. An SLR Rifleworks magwell takes care of the cutouts and sharp grip lip, but it also has a chamfer along the bottom/rear much like the Compact and Short Full-Size Dagger™ frames. Real good holster, you can flip the clip around to be inside or outside waistband. I review the Palmetto State Armory Dagger slide with the RMR optic cut and TruGlo Suppressor height night sights. Will a PSA Dagger slide fit on a Glock19 gen 4 frame? I know that any Gen3 slide is supposed to work with a Gen4 frame, and the only issue is the gap in the front that you can by the Strike Industries adapter for (and you need the gen 3 spring assembly) But I keep seeing conflicting information on the PSA dagger slide. As you said, the proprietary roll pins are larger than OEM glock pins. a Glock 19 holster bc I wasn't paying attention, it works ok but definitely wanna get a p80 specific holster for max fit and draw. Psa dagger firing pin/striker in a Glock slide. Will Psa Dagger Slide Fit Glock 19. PSA Blog: How to Add an Optic to Your PSA Dagger - PSA Quick Tip. The general feeling is that it’s a better gun than a real Glock 19 Gen 4, and about a match for the Gen5 19 Glock as a home defense gun. , Vortex Venom) in a couple of weeks. I have an Agency Gen3 Slide on my G45 (Gen5) that works fine even with the ambi slide stop. Pistol] Glock 45 equivalent. NEW STRIKER CHANNEL LINER INSTALLED ON ALL SLIDE MACHINING ORDERS INCLUDING RE-FINISHING. I believe psa used gen 3 patents for their dagger builds. Running the EPS Carry on this PSA Micro Dagger slide on top of a 43x frame rocking the (unreleased) Micro Dagger 15 round magazine. The Dagger slide fit the CA frame perfectly and functioned as expected. I thought it was a neat pic and snagged it. Ordered on the 10th got it today after being delayed for 2 days. Fits perfectly, actually much better or tighter than my G19X Slide. 22 LR Dagger slide and magazine work. From what i know the dagger tigger guard is unique and youll have to modify the MCK to fit that in. Narrowed it down to two that I think will fit (based on PSA site) both being on sale at DVOR with a $20. This a complete slide less Barrel and Guide Rod Assembly. Dagger mag release compatibility? : r/PalmettoStateArms. Posted: 11/30/2021 7:19:53 PM EDT [#4] My dagger barrel works in my aftermarket Glock slide. On January 19, 2022, PSA said the Compact Dagger TM slide modular optic system would be available in mid-May. PSA developed a new hybrid polymer steel/magazine for the Micro Dagger. Had a question if the PSA dagger magazines will fit a Glock gen 5? I know those are meant for gen 3 design but don’t know if they are also compatible with gen 5? Yes, dagger mags fit Gen 5 Glock 19. Kind of like adding a LWD slide adapter to a 19. Thanks for stopping by and links to everything in my videos are down below at my blog. After sanding a little it's not a problem. Seems like it'd be a cheap way to get started as the whole PSA Dagger runs around $300 (assuming you can find it in stock). Yes with minor considerations, Dagger™ Compact Slide on gen4 and gen5 Frame. The PSA slides are Gen 3 compatible. Hey thanks man I appreciate the info. Dagger Sight compatibility. Wanna do a red dot but the upper is the same price as an optics cut. Will test it soon as I go to the range. I’m really loving this compensator! My RMR also came in today I just need to get a slide cut! 227. P Ported Slide for Glock 19 Gen 3 – RMR. mattbbb14 October 3, 2022, 2:51pm 2. Ran about 500 rounds through it. Obvious exceptions would include those that don’t accommodate an RDS or suppressor height sights (if. We reviewed a base-model PSA Dagger here. The gen 4 and 5 Glock slides have a larger recoil spring lug ( round part at front of slide), this will not fit in the frame channel. PARTS] PSA DAGGER COMPLETE RMR SLIDE ASSEMBLY …. The PSA Dagger slides are GREAT and have good quality parts, the recoil rod is stainless. The Dagger is a polymer-framed striker-fired 9mm pistol with incredibly similar features to the venerable Glock 19. Here are a few other considerations, Compact Dagger™ Slide on gen4 and gen5 Frame. The majority of hard-sided holsters for the Glock 19 will not be compatible with the PSA Dagger Compact. My compact X slide on my gen 3 g19/23 size frame. It splits the difference between a Polymer 80 and a Generation 3 Glock, with a little bit of M&P 9 thrown in for good measure. Q: Does the PSA Dagger Slide Fit Glock? A: Yes, the PSA Dagger Slide can be fitted onto any compatible Glock frame with some minor modifications. 9" Barrel Material: Stainless Steel Barrel Finish: DLC Coating Twist Rate: SAAMI Spec 1:10 Slide Material: Stainless Steel Slide Finish: DLC Coating Frame: …. Power And Precision: The Psa Dagger. The front of the slide is smaller in diameter than a Gen 4 slide. I'm hoping Aves will work since I'm gonna be getting some stuff from them anyways. I decided to by a dagger slide because the cost of getting the Glock slide was just too expensive. comparison between a PSA dagger full size s and gen 4 Glock 17. Its sleek lines and handsome curves make it a desirable choice for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their Glock. Could also be recoil spring weight causing an issue. 3 | PSA Dagger Slide | Fluted Barrel | Timney Trigger | Vortex Venom | Quick Release Thermal Grenade 3mo ⋅ ImpressiveMeaning368. Q Will it work with a PSA Dagger slide (Glock 19 Gen 3 clone)? answer now. On a Glock, you pull the trigger, pull the slide back slightly, release the slide lock tabs and then the slide moves forward and off of the pistol. The frame designed for the Glock 19 4th Generation handgun is smaller than that of the Glock 19 Gen 3. Putting the @PalmettoStateArmoryVideos Micro Dagger slide on the Glock 43x frame. The issue is that the PSA Dagger is based on the Glock 19 Gen 3. Fits all Gen 3 Glocks or “Glock . That being said, does anyone know if the 47 will accept a Dagger slide? As most folks know, the Dagger is a gen3 G19 clone. If you're using the Micro Dagger slide with an optic then you need an optics-ready holster. The Glock pistol is the favored pistol of law enforcement agencies worldwide. Striker and Safety Plunger Damage - This occurred after my Timney Alpha Trigger was installed. This highly anticipated pistol comes with a ton of features for the mon. You will have to purchase a Polymer80 PF940CV1 80% Textured Compact Pistol Frame Kit for Glock Gen 3 G19/23. 4oz (unloaded) Overall Length: 7. I think the metal sights are a nice touch but will still be replacing them with night sights. Skipped the sandwich and picked this up on lunch break instead. Will a Dagger slide work ok with a factory Glock 19 barrel? Probably the ejector actually, since the Dagger upper is already set up for 9mm. But we are working with some big names to have holsters available for it specifically. You can take a barrel from a Glock 17. PSA not selling pistols to Californians anymore? : r/CAguns. As of this writing, the Compact Dagger TM slide modular optic system still hasn't dropped. PSA Dagger complete lower - $110. The LTD19 V2 predictably uses the oh-so-famous Glock 19 frame and slide size to create a compact pistol. I just picked up the dagger slide carry cut, gray with threaded barrel. Shoots great, very pleased with the quality of the PSA Glock-style line. Glock 19 Custom slide on PSA Dagger frame. The PSA Dagger (top) and Lone Wolf Dusk 19 (bottom) are both derivatives of the Glock G19 (middle). I used all OEM Glock parts and a lone wolf slide (at the time they didn't have RMR cut dagger slides). Glocks have a metal liner on the inside of them and I prefer them myself. My trigger is even better with the Dagger Upper on my Gen 5 G19X. The Dagger slide is compatible with Gen3. Today, we're going to show you how you can outfit your Dagger with an optic. PSA Dagger (non-optics ready) Does not fit ANY/ALL Glock MOS models. $10 less than last week's deal on a different finish. Brownells incorporates ZEV Technologies patented screw bosses in order to increase the RMR cut depth. All of the rest of the parts in my slide are PSA though. 43X MOS vs PSA Dagger/Dagger Micro slide. Obvious exceptions would include those that don’t accommodate an RDS or suppressor height …. COM">PSA Dagger Pistol Models Explained. Recoil is identical to the gen 3 Glock but the superior grip makes it a bit easier to control. However, the fact you're dealing with a complete Dagger slide, the proprietary Dagger firing pin isn't a concern. The machining on the slide looks good, it is a snug fit on the Glock frame. Is this a part that is similar in respect to Glock’s slide catch? CallsignWulf May 30, 2023, 9:14pm 2. When deciding whether a PSA Dagger Slide will fit a Glock, it is important to understand the relevant features and components. (Nothing a lil polishing wouldn’t fix or different trigger shoe) Not allowing it to move freely forward all the way. Aggressive front and rear slide serrations are present, along with recessed ledges on the rear to better assist in racking the slide. I think I would prefer the straight grip and will pick up a Poly80 frame to try at some point. Aromatic-End-2174 • 5 days ago. Posted: 11/11/2022 3:09:41 PM EDT. Now I need a cheap RDS for a docter cut slide. PSA Dagger Complete SWR RMR Slide Assembly With Chameleon Threaded Barrel, Black DLC. Posted: 1/19/2022 11:48:36 AM EDT. It appears to all function exactly as it should. But will need a 9mm ejector on the g23 frame for the best results. G19 parts on PSA Dagger : r/PalmettoStateArms. Glock 19/26 slide/frame slide interchange. Even if the magazine were hitting the slide stop lever, I would expect it to be pushing the slide stop lever up. PSA Custom Dagger Threaded Barrel, Straight Taper Fluted, PVD/DLC Coating, Black. There was the now discontinued PF940CL. The OEM Glock G44 is more gen5-ish. I am torn between the p80 and the Glock 19 3rd gen pattern. I got the PSA Dagger Complete SW4 RMR Slide Assembly With Threaded Barrel, Black …. I also have a gen 3 AAC threaded barrel that stays in a 19x. Glock 27 – Color: Black, Select Version: Stock, Select Your Kit: 20/20NB. Nice! Things get a little funky when you start swapping slide lengths on frames. u/AMG_Coltrane is rockin' a Strike Industries Strike 80 C magwell on his SCT 19 frame. Also, Glock gives you a slide-release latch that nobody can use. Palmetto Dagger Slide for Glock 19. FDO Industries -Formerly Fierce Defender- IWB Kydex Holster Polymer 80 Compact (PF940C) (19/23) -The Winter Warrior Series -Made in USA- (Black) 1 Like. The Glock Gen 4 and Gen 5 designs have actually become incredibly popular with civilians and self-defense shooters alike. This striker-fired 9mm pistol boasts a tastefully milled slide, ready to accommodate optics with an RMR footprint. If you carry a PSA Dagger, you should buy a holster for the PSA Dagger featuring a custom, glove-like fit. The Dagger™ Full Size - S (hort) first dropped on September 26. PSA Dagger with Glock extended mag. It's no different than using it on a Gen 4 19 outside of the backplate. Dagger Compact Dagger Compact. SEE ALL PSA Dagger Compact DEALS. The PSA Dagger SWR slide features a recessed top border, 3 evenly spaced windows on the front corners, along with 1 lower window on either side of slide. The Micro Dagger slide stop lever will be ambidextrous. com (I don't know how Bryan knows you're an ARFCOM member). Glock Forum">Recoil Spring "normal weight" won't work. Since the gun was designed after the Glock 19 gen 3, I figured the slide would fit on my 19x. No fails in 1,000 rounds so far. Today, we review the Glock 19x at home, the PSA Dagger with a full size frame. It's the job of the slide stop to stay in the Grove of the pin to prevent it from walking out. com / Compact Dagger Slide on Glock gen4 and gen5 Frame Note this is in contrast to the upcoming PSA Micro Dagger (G43X) which is based (in part) on parts derived from an OEM Glock G43X (PSA is having to work-around …. It is supposed to be able to move a bit. Anybody have experience with PSA Dagger frames for G19 build. Rival Arms Glock 19 RMR cut slide $470. Posted: 5/19/2023 11:14:04 PM EDT. This price point makes it extremely attractive, considering Glock’s can be. First is going to be making sure that the slide is removed from the frame and we. But it’s not practical for me if I need specific proprietary holsters…. 22 LR conversion kit intended for an OEM Glock G19 gen3 on a Compact Dagger™ frame. Of course, the 9 mm Compact Dagger is an OEM Glock G19 gen3 "clone". 5mm thick) are available in rubber, PRO, and granulate textures. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. The only slide I've found that was a good match was the Swensen vented with PVD finish, but there is a problem with the slide dimensions. Glock Inc Umarex ">20/20N Pistol Brace Stabilizer Kit for Glock Inc Umarex. DetailsThe SCT Manufacturing SCT 19 makes a great pairing with your Gen1-3 GLOCK slide. The good news is PSA is now mailing out free replacement locking blocks in order to fix the root cause of the Magazine Falls Out Issue, rather than owners having to return their Compact Dagger™ frame for warranty repair. If you're not running the Compact Dagger slide and aftermarket barrel on a Compact Dagger frame, you shouldn't have this issue. the upper is not an issue with the gen 3 charging handle thats for sure. PSA dagger slide, with Glock gen3 slide. Bohpoli said: Goes to show Glock could make a 15 rounder (or higher capacity) for the 43x/48 IF they wanted to. Additionally, the slide measures 1. 22 LR Compact Dagger, refer to, Yes, Glock G19 Gen 3 compatible. This Compact X slide is 17 length. I ordered another Blawkhawk, the A. A PSA employee confirmed that a G17 is not out yet but is in the works. The comp slides over that area and is screwed down and floats on the guide rod in front of the frame. It'll be more difficult to find appropriate suppressor-height sights to yield lower one-third co-witness with the shallow Dagger RMR cut. RMR cover plate included and Cerakoted to match. Barrel locking lug to frame locking block fit. The optic’s cut, suppressor height sight, threaded barrel model we are reviewing cost 379. Update on the Dagger and 43X builds. When Will Cbp Be Issued The Glock; Will Glock 43 Slide Fit Glock 48; Are Home Made Glocks Illegal; How Many Bullets Glock 19; Where Are Glock 42 Made. Depending on the model the Dagger will take either the Glock 19 or Glock 17 magazines. Installing a CMC Glock gen 3 trigger caused the dagger to go binary, theres definitely some issues with the internal dimensions here as I found some shaved plastic after disassembly. They should be as dagger slides accept glock sights. The Micro Dagger is going to be G43X sized, not G26 or G43 sized. Based on the 4in dagger, I see the same performance outta their 4. It's hard to believe that PSA couldn't have preserved the ergonomics of the Dagger TM frame / grip while still maintaining compatibility with Glock G19 holsters. Combat Armory Glock Gen 3 pattern frame. psa dagger slide will fit on a gen 4 glock ">anyone know if a psa dagger slide will fit on a gen 4 glock. Excellent Minimalist Kydex Holster - Fits the PSA Dagger like a GLOVE!!! $40 Shipped/off Amazon. Good Afternoon everyone! Me and a buddy both separately built a "Glock 19". That is the main reason I'm aware of, and I'm. PSA Dagger VS Glock 19: How Does the Clone Stack Up?. They are coming along nicely! @RitonOptics @SwampfoxOptics @PalmettoStateArmoryVideos @GlockIncSmyrna @FaxonFirearmsOffi. It is likewise the choice of many Canadian authorities services. I almost thought it would not fit. Anyone else have this experience?. You may or may not need to swap out the ejector block in the frame, along …. Still a very tight fit but works. But does the Dagger slide and barrels run on the G19 Gen 4 frames. How do we feel about the PSA Dagger? : r/Glocks. The Anderson frame is really nice, great grip angle, great texture, trigger is superb. Anyone had this happen before. Glock 19/26 slide/frame slide interchange. i like the slide well enough that i just ordered a complete Dagger lower. Have y’all tried these out for your Glock 43/43x/48 yet? ‼️NO FIREARM. Join the #1 community for gun owners of the Northwest. My favorite inside the waistband holster for the PSA Dagger Compact is the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3. Read this, Compact Dagger™ Holster Compatibility Explained. While the Dagger is available as a complete handgun for as little as $299, I’d much rather spec my own slide and barrel. to/1MXWOKB WHE-Trigger Pull Kit #3 Fits Glock Gen 1-4, ALL P80 Frames, & PSA DAGGER - Does not fit the G42 & G43 or 10mm / 45acp - https://alnk. Also compatible with earlier Gen 1 and Gen 2 models. If not, then you’ll have a lot of malfunctions. It performs nicely at the range, shoots. So no, there is no Dagger slide that will fit the PF9v2, until they release their full-size model anyway. PSA is reverse-engineering as many G43X parts as possible. PSA Dagger slide/docter cut (glock 19) Thread Starter Pnw Ranger; Start date Jan 28, 2023; Tags dagger glock 19 psa dagger slide This ad is no longer active. I have found that a Gen 4 or 5 9mm ejector will work just fine with 40 S&W and 357 Sig slides and ejects them just fine. Some of us would prefer to keep our OEM Glock G43X and G48 stock. The PSA Dagger shares parts compatibility with Gen3 Glock 19 parts, such as slides and barrels. As the name implies, the Dagger TM Compact X slide assembly is intended for compact frames such as a G19 gen3 frame (e. I just swapped a 3rd gen slide stop lever into. There might be a possibility of dremmeling the recoil spring channel to allow the nose to slide through, however the recoil spring must be a Gen 3 spring and you'll need a Lantac adapter for the Gen 3 recoil spring to sit in the Gen 4 nose. Model: Palmetto Dagger Compact Caliber: 9mm Action: Striker Fired Weight: 22. Most Glock clone parts are based off of the gen3 …. Produced by Palmetto State Armory – a firm known for AR-15s (see our article on building a low-cost AR-15 with Palmetto State Armory) – this polymer pistol was introduced during 2020. Got roasted on this sub so I mad some changes, now I need a new holster and light since the afterburner changes the 19 to fit 17 holsters. The Dagger's comes with a hinged trigger shoe, similar to the M&P shoe. 11) Extractor: the Smith's is a bigger, beefier extractor; the Dagger's is Glock 19 part compatible. Does Psa Dagger Slide Fit Glock 19 – MonteneGroand Partners. NFA ENGRAVING; STIPPLING, PLASTIC SURGERY; Threaded, Stainless Steel Finish, Fits Glock 19 Gen 1-5, 19X , G45, All P80 & PSA Dagger $ 229. As a result, a PSA Dagger might not be able to enter a Glock 19 holster, or the retention may be insufficient for safe carry. 18 inches wide and 7 inches long, making it an ideal size for a Glock 19. Guys with big hands will find the grip a little crowded, just like on a G19, but PSA has a long grip version for you (like a G45). The shadow systems firing pin is specific to the shadow systems slide. Fit with the Trijicon RMR is excellent. I actually found a camo cerakoted one on eBay that was supposed to fit a Glock 19 and for the hell of it. It lives 24/7 on my Glock 19 frame. I just got the new 19L slide from them (Compact X for some reason) and the spring is a lot more stiff than my OEM recoil spring was. 23K views 1 year ago CALIFORNIA. They make CA compliant AK's and Rifles. Releasing the slide lock sends it forward and it shoots again and locks back. Accepts standard 9mm slide components. Let's say you buy the slide for $160 and the AR/dagger lower package for $100. I cant give you an accurate number but it’s high. 40 SW from various manufactures. I also just discovered the brownells 19 long slide. [Handgun] PSA Dagger Compact 9mm w RMR slide, extreme carry cuts, Ameriglo lower 1/3 sights w soft case $379 free shipping Very cool but according to Hop from TFB, this doesn't fit glock or P80 holsters Reply CZ P-10 C 9mm 4. A Micro Dagger™ slide assembly will be compatible with an OEM Glock G43, G43X, and G48 frame. Rather than go with an 80% kit, the PSA Dagger is offered as a.