Steve X Bucky X Pregnant Reader This was my favorite :’) Part two: Here! Originally posted by bluesteelstan. Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers. alpha!steve alpha!bucky omega!reader pregnant reader pregnancy steve fic bucky barnes bucky x reader bucky fanfic bucky fic stucky x reader . Post Black Panther, pre Infinity War. You sat on the couch, Holding your head softly. The two also co-starred in the 2012 WINTER SOLDIER series which found them looking …. Turns out, all it takes is an observant new friend to begin the unraveling of her most precious secret (Spoilers for TFATWS) Masterlist. 110 pages August 7, 2019 Tia Witwicky. Show Most Recent Bookmarks; Bookmarked by chocolate2017. Random Avengers Short Stories {Fluff, Smut, Angst or Short Story} Ships featured so far -Hawksilver 1 - Scarletwidow 1 - Starker 2 - Stony 1 - Stucky oneshots; stony. Summary: Reader Dies When Collecting The Soul Stone With Steve, And Bucky Finds Out In The Final Battle Against Thanos. Maybe he loved her too, but James Barnes isn’t keen on how that “love” is shown Request: N/A Contains Spoilers for: N/A Word Count: 2. Here’s the one for Cap’ : Baby Rogers, for Wolverine : Baby Logan, and for Batman : Baby …. (Bucky also knows her from the past and therefore knows where his friend is heading to spend the rest of his days) He’s …. She told Tony Stark—then head of S. But your friendship had only seemed to grow stronger, you had yet to have your heart broken, and the sex was phenomenal. Fuck, Steve, we were supposed . Welcome! — JJ Maybank x reader. Y/n Stark is a cheerful 21 year old. He asked your hand in marriage and you became a family. Words: 1510 Pairing: Bucky Barnes x pregnant!Reader Featuring: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, others mentioned Warnings: Angst, Kidnapping, Fighting, Hydra, Guns/Shooting, Mentions Death Requested by anon Summary: As Bucky's pregnant fiancé, you make a good target. His head started kissing down your face. Warnings: Stucky in a loving relationship, mentions of family planing [if you see some more, Alpine x Bucky & pregnant reader. then falcon and the winter soldier happens! thanks so much if. Category: Smut, mild Angst, mild Fluff (Mandatory) Age: 18+ Trigger Warnings: Incest, sex pollen, dub-con, dirty talk, oral (m receiving), intercourse Ship: Brother!Bucky x Sister!Reader Summary: It was a simple in-and-out mission, but she ingests something that might kill her, the cure being something a little more than simple Request: N/A Contains Spoilers for: N/A. Part 2 of Sam x Bucky x Steve x Reader series. Prompt: Reader is Steve’s wife, she is one month pregnant. I write mostly about dark!Steve Rogers and dark!Bucky Barnes, but you can also find some dark!Peter and dark!Loki. He looked up at you, "I love you. “James, you will be an amazing father. Steve Rogers, who isn’t shy until it comes to his feelings and will stop at nothing to keep you safe. Summary: Steve is adamant that he's still a virgin. and Buck finds it relaxing to help. receiving, flirting, established relationship, touch of fluff, slight feels (it's me), Bucky Barnes (he’s a warning, okay?)A/N: This was meant to be a fun-sized ficlet, but let's use this for Week 3 of Hot Bucky …. Going through all the photos in my apartment I let the tears fall down my face. Hot tears poured down your face as rage and anguish gripped your heart like a. In the midst of the wild heat you generate, three suitors take your bait: Steve Rogers, a straight-laced leader with plenty of lessons to teach. Prompt: Can you please do an imagine where the reader is helping vision ask Wanda out while vision is helping the reader tell Steve she is pregnant but Steve and Wanda don’t know this, making them jealous Word Count: 2077. BUCKY BARNES x READER x STEVE ROGERS "Make Her Happy" Warning: Angst, one make-out session. Warnings: Alcohol, time skipping, Alternative universe. Master List cake-writes: “(Updated 30 November 2019) Greatest Hits = 🌸 Marvel Cinematic Universe Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes • 🌸 Little Lies (18+) // In Progress // tw: everything You went. Desperately he wishes he could just go back, hold you in his arms like he's wanted to since the moment he met you and let you soak his shirt with tears. BUCKY BARNES x READER x STEVE ROGERS “Make Her Happy” Warning: Angst, one make-out session. (Y/N)’s eyes remain closed for a few seconds before they open, tears instantly pouring over and her expression holds fear, staring back at Bucky’s. The Barnes household had been a …. the reader becomes friends with steve, gets blipped, then when she returns she meets bucky who has a letter from steve. Wasn’t anyone particularly smart so it’s up to the court now. The reader gives birth to hers and Sam's twins - a healthy baby boy and a frail, unresponsive baby girl. You yelled and tried to use your powers to get him off at you, trying to blast at his face. How it happened: One night, Bucky was crashing on your couch. Harper Jones has a troubled past that she’d like to forget. Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem!reader, Sam x Reader (platonic), Bucky x Reader (platonic) Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton. Request by @iamcheese13: Bucky w/ a pregnant s/o who is afraid of being like her toxic mother?. The sound was driving you crazy. Summary: Steve and Bucky finally had their little girl. 3k Chapter Warnings: Kidnapping, Angst, Slight Dub-Con, Oral Sex (F receiving), Unlocking a New Character. Yeah, this ended up being a lot longer than what I …. Request: “imagine: the reader is pregnant and goes into labor while steve. Twenty minutes, and you were no longer a mother—or, as the kind people who had greeted you at the facility would say, you were the mother of a dead baby. You have Steve’s baby on Christmas. I’m super emotional lately, and my period is killing me. Avengers Guardians of the Galaxy Iron Man Captain America The Incredible Hulk Black Widow Reader Loki Steve Rogers Tony Stark Thor Odinson Dr. Steve and a heavily pregnant Steve Rogers x reader Steve Rogers imagine Steve rogers Captain america Captain america imagine Captain . Warning: major weightloss, cheating. Something There (Bucky X Reader) (One-shot) You walked around the tower, going about your usual routine when you heard some crashing and banging coming from the training room down the hall. Yes Bucky x Reader --- "Do you have eyes on him?" Steve asked over the ear piece. - an AU where Bucky and Steve didn't grow up together, but instead first met as POWs in a HYDRA prison cell. Will Steve fix thing in time or will he lose one of the two people he loves? Language: English Words: 12,129. I saw the tears streaming down your beautiful face – saw how Steve tried his best to calm you and how it didn't work. Three parents meant three times more love and support, and all you wanted for your children was the very best. (Name) stared at her, not being able to move now. See a recent post on Tumblr from @natsarrownecklacx about avengers x pregnant!reader. When you got a good hit, he let go and you tried to run for it. You were bombarded with the sound of all three of them speaking at once. I hope you enjoy it as it is! 🙂 ~Ray. Worth Everything Pairing: Bucky X Reader Words: 1097 Warnings: Fluff and pregnancy! Anon asked “hi, I know you're working on a lot of . 1+1=3 Part 2 MASTERLIST Part one Characters: Steve x reader, Bucky Barnes Summary: Having a baby is supposed to be the most wonderful thing . " and I had an idea!What if the reader got pregnant. She just needs some time to adjust, right? Warnings: kidnapping(for this chapter) Pairing: Dark!daddy!Stucky x Little!reader Word Count: 1. Most people have two soulmates, platonic and romantic. Summary: You are rescued by a stranger, when Hydra tries to abduct you in the street. I have decided to put it all into one "book". Our Little One Bucky Barnes X Reader My hands landed on the small belly, rubbing small circles over the shirt I wore. Pairing: Steve Rogers x pregnant reader. ” It shouldn't have been scary, it should have been exciting. Read tension- Jeremy gilbert x reader SMUT from the story Random oneshots part 2🥀🍁 by Mushroom_FairyKnight (Kasey) with 127 reads. I love magic it solves everything. It probably started in the lab knowing that Tony likes to gossip a bit with Bruce and or Dr. ” “(Y/N)? This is a…” Two sets of avengers bucky barnes steve rogers steve rogers x reader bucky barnes x reader bucky x . Fury motions Agent Hill to your room and she nods, disappearing to the end of the room. Trigger Warnings: Physical violence, blood, bullet wound, unconsciousness. Bucky’s Doll : To Build a Home. Discover more posts about Bucky barnes x pregnant reader. x Reader; Steve Rogers x Bucky x Reader; Pregnant AU; Mob AU; Public Bookmark * What A World by onsunnyside [mob boss!Steve Rogers x plus size!reader] Language: English Words: 36,060 Chapters: 6/8 Comments: 99 Kudos: 350 Bookmarks: 69 Hits: 6,840. Pairing: Steve x reader x Bucky Warnings: reader is pregnant, implied smut, fluffy fluff fluff Summary of the series: You are a close scientist friend of Bruce’s so when the team needs help from someone with her expertise, they call in the best, you! But what happens when you find the 2 people you’ve been looking for your whole life?. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Summary: Bucky Barnes is your best friend and, of course, you’re in love with him. sam wilson takes of bucky barnes. Fervently he went to your side holding your hand in his, “I’m here. The brunet follows and widens his eyes at the shattered mirror shards coating the sink counter top and the floor. Steve put her into her car-seat and you both decided to go to the Avengers Tower to show everyone the latest edition to the Rogers clan. Also please include breeding kink and stomach bulge kink too. Steve was first confused when the question was asked, but soon as he was about to answer it, he realised something. Yeah, this has been long over due, and has been sitting in my drafts, you should have known this was coming, how could we NOT have this. The reader tries to comfort him but he doesn’t recognize her and hurts her. He couldn’t believe he wanted to get rid of something so pure and innocent. " i say and get up out my chair, "Can we speak to you-" "Alone" they say. soundtrack: “¿Dónde estás, Yolanda?”. Your cheek, neck, and your chest. Steve X Bucky Fanfiction Stories. He cooed, caressing your hair with his fingers. She’s a fucking SHIELD agent and she was spiked. Steve told me about you,” you said. Bucky suddenly has stomach cramps, Steve acts weird, and Natasha has suspicions. [spider The Avengers preferences & Imagines. James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson/Reader. Other Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Avengers. Who The Hell is Bucky on Tumblr. Originally posted by aliciaviknder Fandom: Marvel Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader Words: 2628 Warnings: angsty. Words: 833 Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Featuring: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff Warnings: swearing (what's new), sadness. All chapters will have proper warnings wether it is smut or not. Page 2 Read steve- im here from the story random oneshots🥀🍁 by Mushroom_FairyKnight (Kasey) with 1,446 reads. Original request from @fandom-rpblog: Hey can I make a request? Can you write one in where after the events of winter soldier, (ignoring civil war as I haven’t seen it yet), Bucky has been re-introduced to the world and is recovering slowly and he and reader are sort of a thing as she was the one who found him after the events of winter soldier and she find …. The Reader has been having a love affair with two Avengers and gets caught in a sticky situation. x omega!reader on Tumblr">#alpha!stucky x omega!reader on Tumblr. AN: I got the idea for this story randomly one day and it pained me so much that I wrote it so I could share the angst with you all. Hope you enjoy :) Update: currently working on chap 6, #5 is posted. Celebrating the fourth of July with Sam, Tony, Bucky, and Steve headcanons. So that’s how she ended up doing paper work for six months, until they needed her. Bucky, Wanda, and the Avengers just saved the universe from Thanos' plan; however, there is a new threat arising from a realm they never imagined existed. Bucky x Pregnant reader! I miss you. Every morning had been the same, pretty much from the moment, you found out you were pregnant. Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader, Bucky Barnes/You. Until one day she finally meets The Avengers. Trigger Warnings: Labour, giving birth, home birth. When Loki lets go of the past that brought him to his doom, you begin to realize you’re not the only one who uncovers a forbidden truth. Avengers Captain America Marvel | Steve Rogers Reader Bucky Barnes Natasha Romanov | Action Romance Love Heart Forever Family Infinity Overthrow Assemble Steve x Reader. 6k A/n: Okay so I knew I just randomly stopped but I’m going to try and be active again. pregnant Steve Rogers tony stark Protective!Tony tony stark x reader tony x reader james bucky barnes james rhodes t'challa sam wilson wanda . “I was afraid I’d never get to say it. protection (new! draco malfoy x reader) SMUT. drop me a request of whatever you want - I don't have any limits and nothing triggers me so hmu (I'm known for my Subspace pieces!). May 5, 2019 One shot: Hi little man. Warnings: Stucky in a loving relationship, mentions of family planing [if you see some …. Including: Tony Stark (Iron Man) Clint Barton (Hawkeye) Steve Rogers (Captain America) Thor Avengers mate. Deep in the night, you heard him cry out. — Pregnant!Reader Masterlist. Bucky being extremely hesitant and cautious around you with his metal arm not wanting to hurt you. She never would have guessed how that one ni Summary: After a break up with the love of your life, you move to New York City to pursue your dream of photography. You're from a small town in New Jersey and you just recently moved to Brooklyn You meet cute and pe Polyamorous. Criticism and suggestions are …. But maybe there is when your two boyfriends, Steve and Bucky, try to figure out what’s wrong. I have her packing your things …. bucky x reader bucky barnes x reader bucky x reader fluff bucky x reader . She was a photographer and loved flowers. Pregnant Bucky Barnes; Alternate Universe - Werewolf; Threats of Violence; Dark Steve Rogers; Summary. It took you a few attempts, but after a moment you managed to swipe your keycard and get into your shared room. #stucky x pregnant!reader on Tumblr. A hand on yours woke you from your thoughts, As you look up, You see Steve’s face, Frowning at you. Thoughts on a possible fic - where the reader ends up in absolute tears after Bucky fucks her. THERE ARE NO STRINGS ON ME on Tumblr. Double Trouble (Requested) Pairing: Steve x reader / Bucky x reader (Not Stucky x reader) Request( @justareader): Hey !. Steve Rogers was always known as the sick kid back in his day; his best friend, Bucky Barnes, never even seemed to catch the common cold. She grumbles, trying to stay awake as her body becomes more and more numb. Warnings: Needles, stitches, pain. Besides, when you and Bucky first got together, the rule was no emotional bond at all. Banner says looking sadly at Bucky. # captainamerica # marvel # stevengrantrogers # steverogers # thewintersoldier # wintersoldier. In which you are forced to adapt to life in Liberty. Bucky was grinning from ear to ear and had kissed your head, gushing to you, “you did amazing doll. Y/N is a vampire and finally escapes her …. Summary: The reader thinks she’s doing a stellar job of keeping her feelings for a certain soldier buried deep inside. "I have sight, and I'm going in. He chokes out, tears welling up in his eyes. I’m sorry babe,” Bucky mumbled, …. x you imagine fic cute reader insert fluff pregnancy captain america captain america x reader steve rogers x bucky barnes | explicit | wip. Summary: Team Cap is on a mission, and Bucky gets hurt in the field. warnings: violence, angst, slow burn. The title says it all my people. y/n Stark (Loki x Reader) by Lilith🥀🫀💭. Pairing: king!bucky x princess!reader & king!steve x twin!princess. You were given many different experimental serums and forced to fight. Requested: So can I request Stucky x reader where they have a little boy (2-3 years old) and the reader is pregnant when the little boy starts shower super strength cause… super soldier dna 😁 @thing-you-do-with-that-thingPairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky (Stucky x Reader)Warnings: poly fic, pregnant!reader, fluff, light language!Word Count: 622. Tony keeps up the act to get closer to Steve and they eventually begin a secret relationship. He would be there for you no matter what came next. Pietro finds out the reader is pregnant with his child. Loki x Bucky x Reader; Tony Stark; Steve Rogers; Natasha Romanov (Marvel) Clint Barton; Thor (Marvel) Bruce Banner; Peter Parker; Pepper Potts; Morgan Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Smut; Threesome - F/M/M; Hurt/Comfort; Talking Animals; Protective Loki (Marvel) Protective Bucky Barnes;. A few hours after you’d come home from your procedure, you got out of bed. Nat asks the two soldiers who exit the lift on the common floor. She was beautiful, but not the hot-kind of beautiful, the type of beautiful that looked like art, she made you feel things. Meanwhile, you were looking at him and thinking the exact same thing. You stared at Bucky and, without being able to control yourself, started crying. NSFW] Got A Secret, Can You Keep It?. Warnings: Cheating Bucky and a slightly OOC Steve. Featuring: Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff. The mission was supposed to be clean. He never wanted to be the Winter Soldier, but this time it might come in handy. Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader. Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,245 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Published: Jul 4 - Steve R. When the boys get home heavy fucking occurs with knotting. I would like to hear about his reaction in the. tells them that they’re pregnant. Pietro, when you told him would kiss you quickly and then race out to get you things to help with the pregnancy. So overwhelmed from how good he just made her feel that she's nearly non-verbal, clinging onto him, telling him it was so good between choked sobs but it …. You felt more like the latter, truthfully. Read part one “Turning Page- …. Your daughter wanting to lay on his metal arm because it helps cool her down. Series Warning: a/b/o dynamics (the fun stuff that comes with that) Smut, Accurate Representation of Pregnancy and (eventually) Childbirth, Strong Language (18+ ONLY) Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader X Bucky Barnes. This collection is a mix of all - smut, fluff, angst. Sitting down, you tapped your foot against the hardwood. "There's no way it could that hard!" "HEY!" You shouted. Bucky sighs, shaking his head, Steve replicating the action. Chris Evans/Sebastian Stan Charact by Christevetay. You put on dark grey tights, and black heels. "Impossible! I just went on a huge shopping trip three days ago! How are we-" he stopped when he opened the fridge to see it mostly full of food. All Yours (Bucky x Pregnant!Reader) Request: Hello love! Can you do a Bucky imagine where the reader is pregnant with his baby and he's . Baby Barnes - Bucky Barnes x Reader. The Scent, a captain america fanfic. Bucky and Steve have a chat that they don't want to know. Stray (Steve Rogers XReader XBucky Barnes). (steve x pregnant reader) hot tub for two (loki x reader) SMUT escape (tony x reader) (bucky x pregnant reader) beautiful (fresh mama wanda x reader) the space between (loki x reader). u and has been secretly dating Reid for a long time. When Steve brings him to you to fix him up, you realize you have to use needles; and Bucky has told you he's terrified. Sarah And Winnifred Rogers. Nat, Steve and Bucky all stopped and looked at you. i miss stiles stilinski, that dork. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Summary/Prompt: Imagine being pregnant with Bucky’s kid-first kid and being super excited for Christmas only to go into labor Christmas eve. The one remarkable thing is that no one knew his heart would be in the condition it was. Steve Rogers is 25 years old and maybe the richest man in The death of Toni Stark took a toll on all of the World. This story takes place after/towards the end of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series 👌 The world is made up of neutrals, caregivers, and littles, and Sam Wilson, o Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes oneshots! Watch these two fall in love :) [REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. The stress wouldn’t be good for the baby. By the time your second baby—your daughter—finally, finally entered the world, Bucky had had to switch to holding your hand with his metal one so. Sexual themes not explicitly mentioned but Reader is pregnant sooooo. Loosely based on a drabble entitled, “Hydra Supreme”. Soulmate AU- everyone is born with the last words they’ll hear from their soulmate written on their body. He was a sweet boy, charming, just like his father and incredibly caring like his mother. In the Kingdom of Eldur, you’re an anomaly, an omega born to a society of betas, and treated poorly for it. Now years later, with Steve and his other bonded y/n, Steve has Bucky back. Part 2: The fighter and the lover - Bucky x reader - ANGST. Fury wants a briefing tomorrow at …. You feel him bury his head in your chest, and you gently card your fingers through his hair. Chapter 8: Welcome to the World. Bruce: Bruce would get a little uncomfortable talking about you're period, but he always checks on how you're doing and asks how you're feeling so you're ok. I hope you enjoy it as it is! 🙂 ~Ray #captainamerica #marvel #stevengrantrogers #steverogers #thewintersoldier #wintersoldier. In no more than two minutes, your husband Bucky was standing. When Steve found Bucky, he stopped at nothing to get him back, and you, one of Steve’s closest friends on the Avengers, were beside him. Omegaverse, Bucky (Alpha), Steve (Beta), FemOC (Omega). (一些冬铁的H/C)Bucky travels back in time to the end of the Civil War, and he intends to change history and save Tony. Summary: Many try to tear you and your prince apart from each other. Pairing: Bucky X Pregnant!Reader. Warnings: nothing but pure fluff ahead. Summary: Y/N nearing the end of her pregnancy and is worried she’ll be a terrible mother - like her own. See a recent post on Tumblr from @bvccy about winter soldier x pregnant!reader. Read ||Steve x Bucky x F!Reader|| from the story Avengers x Reader BOOK 2 by Lexia-Stark (L҉E҉X҉I҉) with 551 reads. Bucky Barnes X Pregnant!Reader - More Than Friends. “There you are, Y/N! Come on!”. You were nine months pregnant when he found you. Steve and Bucky were a bonded pair before the war tore them apart. Pregnant and on the run from an abusive husband, Anastasia ends up under the protection of a grumpy CEO with a secret soft spot for her. "Can you write a song fic with "just a kiss" of lady a and bucky please ?Btw your writing is wonderful and you're awesome !" Summary: Based on Just A Kiss by Lady A, Bucky seems upset when you …. Tags: 18+ readers only, smut, threesome, dom/sub, fluff/comfort, period sex, mentions of blood, description of cramps, daddy kink, sir kink, vaginal fingering, choking, multiple orgasms, …. "Y/N" Steve squeezed your hand. #protective!Bucky on Tumblr. Steve chuckles, mirroring Bucky’s actions. When Tony is tasked with working undercover for SHIELD to infiltrate Hydra, the last thing he expected was to fall head over heels for Steve, the younger brother of the ruthless Winter Soldier. But things never happen the sam Completed. The women are flawless and then. bucky x pregnant reader on Tumblr">#bucky x pregnant reader on Tumblr. Bucky opened his mouth, ready to voice all the pent up feelings he had for you when a distant sound of explosion came from downstairs. Pairings: Bucky Barnes/Female!Reader; Steve/Sharon; Tony/Pepper. Steve took a chance - he thought nothing could go wrong. Summary: Request on AO3: ‘The reader having a menstrual cycle, this one just a little worse than others, and Steve and Bucky worrying and helping her through it. Summary: When you allowed your best friend’s boyfriend to bring a friend to your New Year’s trip, you never imagined you would meet someone like Steve Rogers. Emma, always Running from a certain group named HYDRA a four year old but for some reason she could Alina her entire life she's been alone, her mother died when she was five then her father died in the line of duty, so. Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader X Bucky Barnes. round one: heaven or hell - angel! lewis and devil!charles x fem!reader. This ends with a moment with you and Bucky in the baby room. Even with her gone, you wanted to hold her in your arms. You began walking away and the man snuck up behind you, wrapping his arms around you and carrying you away. They'd never been injured or in a situation where you thought they weren't the ones in control. The plan was to gather one of their. All Steve and Bucky wanted to be is supportive and strong for their Omega, but life doesn’t always run so smoothly…. Thanks! Originally posted by buckyandwinter. Bucky calls, eyebrows furrowing at the distinct lack of her presence. It got around that Steve knocked someone up since some people can’t keep their mouths shut or quiet when talking about his life. Ethan was sitting on the couch holding your baby. Pairing ༄ Fireman!Bucky Barnes x F!Reader x Fireman!Steve Rogers Word Count ༄ 2. Steve had just rolled over, which had stirred you from your otherwise peaceful sleep. Not-Steve Rogers exacts his revenge against the enemies of Hydra, James Buchanan Barnes and Samuel Thomas Wilson. Request: “Stucky x reader where on a mission, Y/N is poisoned and afterwards the effects kick in and she’s faced with vivid hallucinations, weakness, hot flushes, fever— the works. "I'd say that we've had these marks since the 40s and when suddenly you start …. The baby, that had been quiet the whole afternoon, got agitated quickly, maybe as startled as you. She and Steve are having dinner with Tony, the Maximoff twins and Clint. Fanfiction Romance Steve Rogers x Reader Bucky Barnes x Reader. Bucky looked up as you stepped into the elevator. " you smiled pointing down to your barely noticeable four month pregnant baby …. Summary/Prompt: Imagine being pregnant with Bucky's kid-first kid and being super excited for Christmas only to go into labor Christmas eve. (Part 2 of Motherly Instincts) Reader is pregnant with Scott Lang’s baby and has to tell him when she returns from an out-of-country trip. You nodded and Steve took your hand as they began. As the men step closer to begin their torture on Bucky, he’d already heard Sam and back up flying in. Including: Tony Stark (Iron Man) Clint Barton (Hawkeye) Steve Rogers (Captain America) Thor Odinson (Thor) Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes (The Winter Soldier) Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) Mostly drabbles or preferences that randomly pop in my heaad …. Double Trouble (Requested). Category: Fluff, mild Angst (Suggested) Age: 15+ Trigger Warnings: N/A Ship: Bucky x Steve x Reader Summary: Bucky And Steve Find Out That They're Both The Biological Fathers Of Their's And Reader's Child Request: "I just read "Reader snaps in Endgame to save the world…. It contracts in order to expel the blood being stored for the baby and so a. Hydra (Marvel) HYDRA Trash Party. Bucky and Steve both instantly kill the creatures they’re attacking and turn to look at their girl, seeing the huge gash in her back that’s bleeding out through her suit. You just wanted all of this to end. marvel oneshots Hewo! This will have a lot of OneShots for ALOT of Fandoms! Like Shuichi X Reader, Krel x Reader, Adrien x Reader ect. TheWidow'sGhost — Chase (Natasha x Pregnant!Wife!Reader). Kidnapped - Bucky X Child!Reader (Part …. I would like to hear about his reaction in the Anonymous said: Hi! Here we go let's see if I can get this right 🤦‍♀️ Ok I am not sure if you have gone into detail about this but. Summary: Reader Gets Hit Mid-Mission But Nobody Realises Until After It’s Over. Your once struggling limbs are now back to being indefinitely fragile and docile. You were exhausted, almost falling asleep. Steve & Bucky friendship; Avengers Tower; Bucky spent time with Red Room). so pulling, so ethereal that you manage to rock his world. You found him shared a bedshared dancing and laughs, He showed you some 1940s moves and questioned you about the new day and age. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Browse Spin The Bottle and a Surprise >> Steve Rogers (Captain America) X Reader The Pirate And A Princess >> Killian Jones (Captain Hook) x Reader. Characters & Relationships: Steve x Peggy x Bucky, with MANY MANY other Steve ships mentioned. Ship: Bucky x Steve x Reader, Brother!PeterQ x Reader, Platonic!Tony x Reader. Reader x Loki; Reader x Bucky; Reader x Steve - Relationship; reader x Sam Winchester; Reader x Tony Stark - Relationship; reader x Tom Hiddleston; Bucky/Steve/Reader; Tony/Steve; Natasha/Reader; Clint/Laura - Relationship; Gabriel/Reader; clint barton x reader; bucky - Relationship; Thor/Loki x Reader; Brock Rumlow x Reader; Bucky x Reader x. You hiss, “I’m with Steve now, we’re happy and I am not going to jeopardise that based on past emotion. You’re safe on your own because of your witchcraft, but it doesn’t stop Alphas and plenty of others sniffing around, especially when you’re an …. He bent down, turned you over and slung you effortlessly over your shoulder. The reader is an agent at the b. In the evening he’d settle down with you. #captain america #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes . reader is pregnant with Bucky's daughter, but she's born like two bucky barnes bucky barnes imagine bucky x reader buckybarnesstar bucky . Wish We Could Turn Back Time. When she is kidnapped by an unsub, she forces you to confess something in front of the whole team. I have more ideas for this story if you guys like it enough for another part so lmk. The Stardew Valley Bachelors and Bachelorettes are married to the reader, who is giving birth! Transformers Bayverse x Pregnant! Reader. The two men that i happen to love dearly. Summary: This is a story set in a GoT-themed scenario, where the reader and Steve are half-siblings, and children of the Warden of Brooklyn (South). Your pregnant belly was making everyday activities more and more difficult. Turn of Events (Steve x Reader) (Gif credit to owner) Fandom: Marvel Character: Steve Rogers Persona: Pregnant Female Word Count: 2018 . James 'Bucky' Barnes is enjoying being his own person again. , Reader is pregnant but Bucky left to be froze over and hope one day they can fix him so reader is hella sad. See a recent post on Tumblr from @retouringghosts about pregnant!reader. Words: 1510 Pairing: Bucky Barnes x pregnant!Reader Featuring: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Sam …. 1,189 pages Completed August 13, 2021 FandomGirl. The Reader processes a tragic incident while she regrets not calling either of her super soldier adoptive parents, dad. But do they trust the new man t. Rolling your eyes, you smacked him on the shoulder and laughed. Summary: Bucky cheated - he thought it was a …. the adorable stories of reader x bucky x tony x steve) Language: English Words: 688. Discover more posts about steve harrington fluff, steve harrington fanfiction, steve harrington angst, steve harrington one shot, steve harrington fanfic, steve harrington imagine, and steve harrington x reader smut. Steve Rogers has passed away from old age. Steve Rogers, whose new goal in life just might be repaying his debt to you. You could feel the passion, the love he had for you just in that kiss. You frowned, then your eyes widened. #steve rogers x pregnant!reader on Tumblr. Stucky x Reader (Steve x Bucky x Reader) Warnings: talking about periods obviously, awkward Steve and Bucky and lots of fluff! Word Count: “Once a month to punish them for not falling pregnant the woman’s body, specifically the uterus, tries to kill itself. Sam and Bucky notice the distance and confront her. Ivy’s power doesn’t come from the machines she’s able to build with Tony in his lab. Part 4: The meet-up aka “The hero and the dreamer” – Steve x reader – ANGST AND FLUFF. Established Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers; Fluff and Angst; Steve Rogers Needs a Hug; Natasha Romanov Needs a Hug; Not Canon Compliant; Summary. When he sees someone he loves being hurt, though, he decides to intervene. Part of you want him to get up and chase you, crying and begging you to forgive him. #bucky x pregnant reader on Tumblr. I write for Bucky Barnes, Loki, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader, Warnings: Incest, smut, dubcon, murder, threats, submission, humiliation, angst and misery. Bucky and Wanda, the only ones unaffected, must …. Author’s Note: This is for the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club Kinky Halloween celebration and day 20 and the prompt monster and temperature play. fluff, theavengers, natasharomanoff. Steve never allowed himself to forget Steve…and Bucky's years as the Winter Soldier had given him a certain…. You had traded your white nurses uniform for something more comfortable. Your smile faded as you saw the fear in her eyes, her arm pulling away from Steve like a frightened child. Your story: Ever since you first met him, you were quite close to Bucky. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Late in your third trimester, you couldn't wait to see your baby, to hold him, cuddle him, and call him your own. First Appearance: Captain America Comics (Vol. You’re so gentle and patient with them. Pete chuckled again as you shifted to look at yourself in the mirror, your hands smoothing over your stomach. Once the man feels her entire body slacken in his arms, he pulls back slowly and scans over her face. Steve and Bucky is away on missions, lets see how the team puts Tony to sleep. Steve and Bucky were nestled together on the loveseat as per usual. You were currently sitting by the window and gazing out into the night sky and admiring all the shining stars. There may be something of a misunderstanding here. Wanda's eyes widened, her head turning quickly to look around her as Steve appeared from the bushes behind her, gripping her wrist and forcing it into one of the pairs of power-obstructing hand cuffs. Part 5 of Finding Your Place in the World. You didn't know how long it had been since the first time you passed out. Summary: Going baby shopping should be a great idea? Right? But things take a turn. Captured in Italy, Grace is taken by HYDRA, unbeknownst to Steve and Bucky. When you were finally successfully pregnant, the three. Everyone who knew about your arrangement with Bucky had told you as much. " He sighed, causing the girl to roll her eyes. Tony and Pepper brought a new stroller, several baby outfits, and balloons. Part 3: The make-up aka “The sinner and the saint” – Tony x reader – FLUFF. French Fries Pairing: Alpha!Bucky X Omega!Reader X Alpha!Steve Summary: Being a pregnant Omega isn't exactly a walk in the park. Steve watched quietly as Bucky helped tape the bag on her hand, his brows creasing in thought. Bucky x Steve x Reader~ Let it Go!. When they walk into their new home as its rightful owners, Bucky can’t help but run around the house, screaming in excitement. “What’s wrong?” In response, you showed him the test. His hands went under your shirt, lifting it over your head. Summary: Bucky cheated - he thought it was a good idea. Over time you become close and you enter into a relationship. Request: “I’m back w an Endgame request! Maybe one stuckyxreader where instead of Nat and Clint collecting the soul stone is Steve and reader. It didn’t matter if your children were biologically Steve’s or Bucky’s, they would be loved equally and in abundance no matter what. A/N: Not smut, sorry! Haven’t been in the mood. Tony cried as he came in the room. Die to stay alive on Tumblr. Part of you thought He didn't wanted kids, but it was the opposite. "It's a boy!" the doctor announced. bucky x reader injured? by foodlibrary on DeviantArt. The baby was named after both of her grandmothers, who had passed away without getting to meet her. WinterXQuinn (fan page)•302K views · 0:57 · Go to channel · #pov The . So I thought now would be a great time to re-post this. This went so far away from the franchise it's crazy. Multiple hands were wiping her off and clearing her throat. You moved on - you thought it was a good decision. [mob boss!Steve Rogers x plus size!reader] Language: English. Tony Stark is graduating High School, after years of hard work. Coming soon! Soft dark CEO Bucky Barnes x sweet virgin reader This will be a very long one shot, maybe a two a parter 🤷🏻‍♀️Warnings: innocent kink, unprotected sex, stalking, dub con, virginity lose, age gap reader 22 Bucky 34, rough sex, yelling, crying, mean Bucky, possessive behavior, obsessive behavior, that’s all for now. Though she works in the tower, she’s been kept separate from most staff members. All of the children either died in the womb, or they died after birth. The Miracle (8/?) Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader Word Count: 2. Category: mild Angst, mild Fluff (Suggested) Age: 13+ Trigger Warnings: N/A Ship: Bucky x Steve x Reader Prompt: “I’m Not Usually This Desperate. See a recent post on Tumblr from @xcaptain-winterx about Steve rogers x pregnant reader. bucky on Tumblr">#dark!bucky on Tumblr. If being pregnant with the universe’s most active twins was painful, giving birth to those twins was downright excruciating. You Find Out Your Pregnant After He Breaks Up With You Steve X Reader Part 1. They would then bring you back to the Avengers Tower and talk Fury into letting the pair adopt you. He snorted when he swiped his hand over the sheets feeling bits of crumbs left over from your secret stash of. In this whole 7 years, you both haven't talked about Kids. 🍋= Lemon/ Smut ☁️= fluff ⛓= angst character include but not limited to: MARVEL: Bucky Barnes Steve Rogers Tony Stark Loki laufeyson Thor odison Pietro Natasha Clint Peter Parker Newly added: Elijah mikaelson Klaus mikaelson Enzo st. Warnings: FLUFF, smut, lactation kink, daddy kink, pregnancy, subby/dom Bucky, Word count: 2. All of the Avengers flocked to the hospital to see the new family, Thor, Jane, and Molly Odinson. and Bucky Barnes, the damaged rogue you'd heard many violent fables about during training. "Steve, I believe Y/N is nothing but talk. reflections (steve Rogers x reader) SMUT. fem!oc tfatws highest: #1 in thefalcon : #2 in. bucky on Tumblr">#clingy!bucky on Tumblr. Summary: Bucky And Steve Are On A Mission And Reader Gives Birth At Home. After a lot of brooding and thought, he decides to confront the two of you. ” (Y/N) teases, mocking a line from Supernatural and snuggling herself in the middle of the bed, sandwiched between the two super soldiers - where she belongs. Feminine pronouns used (wife) Pre-Canon. You have been in love with Bucky your entire life, but he still sees you as the kid his friend used to babysit. They had fought for a while but after going to their first check up the doctor agreed with Steve. We don't need a repeat of last time. Stucky x Reader Imagines/Oneshots — Shaken Up.