Usps W2 Liteblue Usps W2 LiteblueeOPF is temporarily unavailable. Employee’s serious health condition, form WH-380-E – use when a leave request is due to the medical condition of the employee. USPS employees have access to this login portal to manage their personal information. Based on the number of years of active service put in, a worker earns around 1. Track packages, pay and print postage with Click-N-Ship, schedule free package pickups, look up ZIP Codes, calculate postage prices, and find everything you need for sending mail and shipping packages. USPS LiteBlue: Other Benefits. If not, you can't log into liteblue. • Call the USPS employee self-service line at 877-477-3273 and request the …. There are many things to learn to become an expert (this is why we have accountants), but the essentials actually are. LiteBlue will help you monitor and manage your career and benefits and keep you connected with policies that affect your job. We collect postal code lists from 241 Countries and Regions. USPS observes 10 holidays each year. ‘ ç½÷yœ™t fºN&àQY“³ë¬Ã 0Ò ÊT9û ¼¤w,Á L!jk gs@öл¼è æ 0!µÁœ Bp÷œ£ ˜Y †VJëµ të+î„ü ð›Nç–Kk ˜ †èÁzÝ'(Ÿ ÉóŒ /Iœ©Xò¸|/FåLé¨ Ïù^…‡ w$¹ZI ho|bŠ ®tÅ”‘rñ Ž”Ã+ ?. December 29, 2022- The external link to PostalEase is being disabled today as employees are still clicking the fake LiteBlue sites. How to get my W2 as a former employee? : r/USPS. Sources we use are if the website is listed on phishing and spam sites, if …. If you are eligible to participate in FEHB, you are eligible to enroll in FEDVIP, even if you are not enrolled in FEHB. Gov website allows employees to get payslip information, access FEHB benefits, manage…. Poland Postal Code 00-429 Boundary Map. I Worked Holiday For Usps W2. As the primary public face of the USPS, postal workers wearing their uniforms serve as ambassadors for the organization. The Women’s Soccer stamp will be released Feb. Report with financial data, key executives contacts, ownership details & and more for Rymarz, Zdort, Maruta, Wachta, Gasinski, Her I Wspolnicy sp. The Liteblue portal was developed specifically for the USPS team, which employs more than 497,000 people. Quid est USPS Liteblue in MMXXIII? By Geekoptimizers March 2, 2023 March 2, 2023 Lectio tempus: 14 minutes Employees USPS (United States tabellarios) communicare possunt per US Government website LiteBlue. These unique occupations are in the 2300 series. How to Access ePayroll (you have 3 ways): · Go to www. They can check their payment details in payroll online and don’t need to wait for the mail to arrive. n Click Change My Address (top left of page, within the I want to: section) n Click Edit. Did you find this information helpful? Employees like you are the Postal Service’s greatest asset and we want to make sure that you get off to a good start. This are this the company’s human resources department is guilty for managing employee services for a huge batch of people all across the country. LiteBlue is designed and intended for your personal use. Employee’s Claim for Personal Property. USPS News Link">USPS News Link. While many workers have been able to recover money that has been recovered from banks, Postal Service management has taken the position that any …. The format of the 2021 Form W-2 …. com is legit and safe for consumers to access. Add or change an Email address **. Unauthorized access or use of this website may subject violators to administrative action, civil, and/or criminal prosecution under the United States Criminal Code (Title 18 U. It is critical that employees update and maintain the. • You can key in your responses. You also have the option of Priority Mail Express fo. USPS: Employees must reset their self. Employees also can request duplicate forms by calling the employee self-service line at 877-477-3273 and selecting option 1. Read the Summary of Benefits and Coverage and the Summary Plan Description carefully before making any final enrollment decisions. The Postal employee only needs to call a toll-free number with their Employee ID Number (EIN) and their USPS Personal identification Number (PIN) to gain access to the system or login to www. you cannot use the telephone, Internet, Employee Self Service kiosk or Intranet for a medical reason, or. The Postal Service does not provide tax advice. Keeping your address and contact information up-to-date is important. Welcome to LiteBlue, The next generation in employee communications. Told them the situation, they reset my account and they mailed out a temporary password. Basic information and FAQs are listed below. — Payroll, Controller, 11-7-19. You pay full cost of premiums on a pre-tax basis. Pay, Leave, or Other Hours Adjustment Request. Because I’m sick and clearly you let 2 other people bang. Liteblue USPS is an online Employee relationship management (ERM) portal for USPS Employees. In the past, the guides were automatically mailed to employees. The Human Resources office has a review and evaluation committee. I was awarded the Hero Award a few years ago for saving a man that was trapped under a zero-turn mower that he had drove off a drop off. I have yet to be able to get back in to SSP. Don’t think you can resign online on Liteblue. Why Skaggs Postal Uniforms Are Trusted by USPS Employees Nationwide. To perform their duties, these dedicated employees rely on specialized uniforms that are designed to meet the unique demands of thei. EOPF Server Down For Maintenance. Tax Obligations of USPS Employees. January 4, 2023- USPS, Office of the Inspector General, and Corporate Information Security Office (CISO) discovered fake LiteBlue website which closely …. It's the 8-digit number printed just above the words "Employee ID. Learn more about the benefits available to career and non-career employees. How to Change Your Employee Address with USPS. • Go to PostalEASE, which you can access from Blue, LiteBlue and self-service kiosks at many Postal Service facilities. November 8 to December 13, 2021. Preliminary RRECS Charts from NRLCA (for those that don't want to log into NRLCA) 1 / 2. Just found out from our mail carrier that someones been breaking into our boxes and I'm not sure if our W2 was already sent out. I am, or used to be, a United States Postal Service (USPS) …. gov and click on “Multi-factor Authentication” under the login. Took about 9 days by USPS mail, lol. All USPS employees need an employee ID and a unique password to avail of the benefits from www. Employees can download the official USPS employee app and then access it from the myHR tab. The customers waiting for it via app notification. A new video offers an overview of a soon-to-be-released application that will make it easier for Postal Service employees to see their time clock entries. Learn about offers for USPS employees regarding furthering your education. USPS: This year, health benefits info will be on LiteBlue. Do you need a duplicate copy of your W-2 or 1095-C federal forms? If so, you have two options: • Go to PostalEASE, which you can access from Blue, LiteBlue and self-service kiosks at many Postal Service facilities. With the advent of technology, USPS has embraced online services to provide even greater convenience to its customers. Rymarz, Zdort, Maruta, Wachta, Gasinski, Her I Wspolnicy sp. Travel time spent by an eligible employee traveling on Postal Service business to and from a postal facility or other work or training site which is outside the local commuting area and at which the employee remains overnight is compensable if it coincides with the normal workhours for a bargaining unit employee’s regular bid job, regardless. The Postal Service wants to remind employees that the organization has three websites that offer information about the coronavirus pandemic. On April 28, 2014, employees will begin using a password to access the USPS ® LiteBlue website and online self-service applications such as PostalEASE, eCareer, ePayroll, eJob Bidding, and eOPF. ) Weird how clicking that link loads with safari’s. As a USPS employee your benefits are incredibly important to you. 2% cost-of-living adjustment in January, a decrease from the four-decade high 8. First year CCA; I saw the post about our W2s. There are many facts regarding the USPS that …. To reset your password, go to LiteBlue, then select “password recovery” and follow the prompts. If you visit a site frequently, bookmarking it as one of your favorites helps avoid mistakenly accessing a false site. Two types of in-service withdrawals are available: Age-based withdrawal. USPS employees can go online to view their W-2 statement. The products will generate revenue for the …. Federal Employees Health Benefits. To update your Form W-4 for calendar year 2022, follow the Form W-4 instructions provided by PostalEASE. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. (Be CyberSafe) n Change specific letters into special characters or numbers to increase security and originality. The Postal Service is alerting employees to beware of a fraudulent LiteBlue site that recently appeared on the internet. He has been looking all over light blue and has not found the W-2. com Saturday, November 21, 20-- • EDMR, Employee Debt Modification Request -Job Aid Postal Officials must complete …. How to Calculate USPS Postage Rates. For assistance, call the HR Shared Service Center at 877-477-3273 (select option 5). USPS Job Bidding With USPS. Postal Service announced it will be conducting a Mail Processing Facility Review (MPFR) of its facility in Columbia this month. USPS employees and their families can access professional counseling anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone. Why USPS Connect? USPS Connect Local: Postmaster’s Kit. When browsing this site, all. Use eRetire to get an estimate of your retirement benefits. For more information on how to use LiteBlue. APWU Position on Employees Who Have Had Direct Deposits …. Postal Bulletin 22584 (November 4, 2021). Does anyone know exactly which day our 2022 W2 info will be made available to us on PostalEase? ( I already know the general deadline employers have for mailing out paper copies to employees. USPS needs this information not only for general employee communications but also for important messages about enhanced security measures, organizational changes, emergency events and more. is now eligible to order a second set of 4 free at-home COVID test kits at www. You must call the Interactive Voice Response system at 877-477-3273 to report any unscheduled leave as soon as possible. Trouble signing into liteblue (new hire) My orientation date is this coming Monday. New employees should follow the instructions in their USPS ® welcome letter or email to set up MFA. be about the development of the livelihood, the performance of the income and the services, the products and many more. The webinar, presented by Aetna, will provide tips for retirement. 92K subscribers in the USPS community. Securing the privacy of your personal data is a shared priority for you and the Postal Service. 515 Absence for Family Care or Illness of Employee. Although many employees have several options to participate, only one survey received by Gallup for each employee will be counted. Employees who need to change their information will have to either login to PostalEase through an ACE computer at a postal facility or call the Human Resource Shared Service Center (HRSSC) directly at 1-877-477-3273 to make any necessary direct deposit or benefit changes at this time. READ FULL ARTICLE AT » Access Issues with LiteBlue. xml ¢ ( ´•IOÃ0 …ïHü‡ÈW”¸p@ 5åÀr„J qv Ij /ò¸Û¿gÜ%j«¶)P. However, if you do face any problem, make sure that your employee ID digits are 8 and accurate. 1st of June, 2020 – 29th of October, 2019. Thinking about going back to school - see the college discount offers. gov) Enter your USPS Employee ID Number and PIN. Go to USPS r/USPS • W2 Liteblue. When prompted, select 5 for the HRSSC. They can be reached by phone at 877-477-3273. n Enter your Employee Identification Number and USPS ® PIN. Are you an employee of the United States Postal Service (USPS) looking to access the Liteblue employee portal? Look no further! In this tutorial, we'll guide. On LiteBlue, go to the employee apps carousel at the center of the home page. You’ll be asked to enter the number to report your absence via phone. Premiums are expected to increase this year, so now is a good time to review your coverage and costs. Employees may opt-in or out at any time by updating preferences on the HERO Personal Contact Information page. Multifactor Authentication Required for Access to LiteBlue. View most recent TSP transactions. HR Shared Services Center (HRSSC) Benefits/Compensation. To check or update your personal information in USPS, you must log in to the LiteBlue Employee Portal. Benefits for New and Converting Employees. To get help with stamps or other USPS merchandise, please see the following resources: Stamps & Postal Store Orders. Sick Leave – Find out about leave earnings, leave year, approval, carryover, advanced sick leave, and sick leave for dependent care. LiteBlue for Employees with PC Access. VDOM DHTML AD> If you are not automatically redirected, please click here. Return completed certifications to the employee to provide to his or her employer. (The payday occurs one day earlier than usual because Christmas falls on a Friday. gov), – At an Employee Self-Service Kiosk (available in some facilities), or – On the Postal Service intranet (from the Blue page). • Have your employee identification number ready. On mobile, if you're using auto-fill, there's been a recent change (at least on my phone) that prevents it from working properly. Our objective was to assess the Postal Service’s effectiveness of processing selected personnel actions and identify potential process improvements. If you forgot your PIN you can reset your PIN through the site as well. USPS easily delivers print postage stamps and shipping labels for all USPS mail classes. 43 Employee Responsibilities Regarding Automatic Enrollment, Participation, and Requests for Refunds of Automatic Enrollment. Can’t access W2 on liteblue : r/USPS. Whether you're a new employee or just need a refresher, this. Annual leave that has been earned and accumulated during the 2020 leave. eRetire is a web-based application that allows employees to plan for and begin their retirement activities. Tax time! Finding your W-2 on Liteblue- the USPS website david kelln 1. The PostalEASE W-2 module makes online viewing and printing of Forms W-2 available to all employees for the last 7 years. Opponents of president Donald Trump worry cutbacks at the US Postal Service threaten Americans’ right to vote. This is a guide that will help you access and use the eMR, eLRA and the HRSSC. General questions are welcomed. Just call the Employee Service Line at 1-877-477-3273. Civilian personnel records are normally transferred to the National Personnel Records Center within 120 days after an employee's separation from Federal employment. ) Learn about the uniform types and where to get postal service uniforms. What Is USPS Liteblue and Its Function. I forgot to mention that it's 18 months in district and 12 months out of district. It is a variation of the military 24-hour clock, but records time in hundredths of an hour rather. Is LiteBlue having trouble? : r/USPS. are you able to resign on lite blue? if yes steps pls ? : r/USPS. To request unscheduled leave, select option 4 when prompted. Postal Bulletin takes another look at a favorite topic — passports — in its Jan. For you to be able to access and submit a bid on a posted assignment, you require your employee ID and PIN. USPS may use these records to review employee qualifications, status, eligibility, rights and benefits. Example of the legitimate LiteBlue login site (www. Retirement for Postal Workers: Everything you need to know. To retrieve your USPS PIN follow these instructions: Dial 1- 877-477-3273. Veterans Day was formerly known as Armistice Day, which originally honored the end of World War I on Nov. Within 60 days from new hire date. This article was written to give you an in-depth knowledge about what is USPS liteblue. To further protect employee’s accounts, the Postal Service also temporarily disabled allotment and net-to-bank changes in LiteBlue. How Much Does it Cost to Send a USPS First Class Letter?. You will see an 8-digit number on your ID card. Learn how to search and apply for an EAS job using eCareer. If you need extra copies, you have two options: • Go to PostalEASE, which you can access from Blue, LiteBlue and self-service kiosks at many Postal Service facilities. You finally get towards the end after 3 minutes of repeating that its an illness and its your condition. How Fast Is USPS Priority Mail?. Paychecks will enter the mailstream beginning Tuesday, March 31, for the Friday, April 3, payday. The Liteblue USPS Login page has enabled the quick transfer of information from one employee to another. Otherwise, call the Employee Service Line to reach PostalEASE toll-free at 877-4PS-EASE (877-477-3273, option 1) or 866-260-7507 for TTY. The Virtual Timecard app will allow employees to use a smartphone, tablet or. You can: View and sort contents within your eOPF. Because when we connect our customers to the right solutions, we all win. The cost of sending a USPS First Class letter depends on the size and weigh. W2's are up on PostalEase : r/USPS. This address will be used to validate any changes made to their self-service profile account. More than ever, USPS wants to hear from workers. Postal workers or workers could update their call numbers, sending by mail addresses, or emergency get in touches with the LiteBlue internet site. Effective April 28, 2014, employees must use new, more secure passwords to access the USPS ® LiteBlue website and …. Health & Wellness Liteblue. Just click the page’s USPS Emergency Hotline 1-888-363-7462 Pay/Benefit Help 1-877-477-3273. Employees need their Employee ID and USPS PIN numbers to log on to LiteBlue. Keeping this information current ensures that employees receive communications that directly affect them. gov for more information and to view support materials. It's packed with the information you. The APWU fully supports the MFA initiative. There are some awesome courses in there for different things like programming, excel, a bunch of stuff. You can enter a tracking number, air waybill (AWB) number or reference number to track & trace a single international or domestic package. They’re also used to track length of service and other information USPS needs to provide …. n Mail your completed PS Form 4 to: HR Shared Service Center PO Box 970400 Greensboro, NC 27497-0400. All eLRA does is make a computer generated 3971 for them to approve or deny. In 1954, the holiday was changed to Veterans …. LiteBlue Login -https://liteblueloginn. USPS Proposes Temporary Hike in Holiday Shipping Rates. There have been some concerns over the past week regarding difficulties employees are having accessing LiteBlue at the local level. Participants will hear from operational leaders and receive an overview of the knowledge and skills needed. I found that it will do that when you have auto saved passwords. 1, the Postal Service reported that only 62 percent of all postal employees had set up MFA and at that time the ability to make allotment and net-to-bank changes remained disabled until a greater …. Once logged in, you can navigate to the ePayroll section of the site to view your pay records, earning statements, and other payroll-related information. They haven't sent me a W2, can I expect one in the mail or do I need to contact someone? This thread is archived. 9% in 2022, albeit still higher than most years in recent memory. Is it worth it to do the HERO Courses? : r/USPS. Letter carriers initiate and schedule the counseling session by calling HRSSC at 877-477-3273 option 5, or online at the Liteblue eRetire application. xlsx Author: FOWLERJE Created Date: 12/22/2017 10:11:12 AM. Scamadviser is an automated algorithm to check if a website is legit and safe (or not). The Postal Service is reminding employees that all PostalEASE functions previously disabled, have been reactivated in LiteBlue to include changing your elections for net-to-bank and allotments. government website intended for use only by Postal Service employees. USPS Issues Additional Guidance re: PostalEase and LiteBlue. I was a seasonal hire last year and I can't log into liteblue. 13,739 routes lose 8 hours of more. I've seen screenshots of fake liteblues being fucking sponsored Google links. n If you do not have access to a computer or the Internet, you can call PostalEASE toll-free at 877-477-3273, option 1, and follow the instructions. If you're able to do them, it wouldn't hurt. READ FULL ARTICLE AT » National Postal Mail Handlers Union. Employees with additional questions should call the Human Resources Shared Service Center at 877-477-3273 and select Option 5. Both your current employee benefits along with information on your postal retirement benefits can be accessed through the USPS link below. Available 24/7, eJob Bidding is the quickest and most reliable method for involuntarily reas­signed employees to accept, track, and manage their retreat rights. Just went to PTF position and wanted to see what my rate of pay is because I was never notified of it when I applied. lite blue password reset? : r/USPS. We have become aware of a fraud scheme by cyber criminals using fake USPS LiteBlue websites to t arget Postal Service …. To update your Form W-4 for calendar year 2019, follow the Form W-4 instructions provided by PostalEASE. MFA provides an extra layer of security and may already be familiar to most through online accounts at financial institutions by confirming a code received via text message or through an app. Whenever I try, it says my account is suspended and to request a new temp password. The format of the 2020 Form W-2 remains unchanged from the 2019 version. They can update their personal information, such as contact details and tax withholding preferences, directly through the portal. LiteBlue ePayroll allows USPS employees to manage various payroll-related tasks effortlessly. Šta je USPS Liteblue u 2023? (sve što treba da znate). New Deadline — PostalEASE Employee Self-Service Belated Enrollment for FEHB. This webpage provides you with various resources and programs to help you improve your physical and mental well-being as a USPS employee. Postal Service employees will be able to download health benefits guides from LiteBlue during this year’s open season, which begins Nov. ago Are you a current employee? If not, you can't log into liteblue. Data breaches by local, state and federal agencies over the past eight years cost governments some $26 billion, according to a new report. Postal Service employees may participate in a webinar on Medicare and retirement. The USPS LiteBlue EPayroll is an authorized program that the client can use by logging into their account. PostalEASE can be accessed from the Benefits Enrollment Changes section of the Open Season LiteBlue page, or by calling the employee service line at 877-477-3273 and …. Accessibility – Federal Relay Service: 1-800-877-8339. Your USPS Earnings Statement Online …. To sign up for direct deposit, follow these instructions: • Go to liteblue. LiteBlue access streamlined for new hires. You will need your USPS employee ID number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Nextgov/FCW discussed these efforts with Postal Service Chief Information Officer Pritha Mehra in an Oct. gov you will be able to; View your TSP. COLA adjustments will slim for federal retirees in 2024. LiteBlue USPS provides postal and parcel tracking information and ensures that these details are easily accessible to t View. About your employment rights at the Postal Service. active employee age 64 or older as of January 1, 2025, you ARE NOT required to enroll in Medicare Part B to continue your PSHB health insurance coverage once you retire. Those rusty edges, loose hinges, and illegible numbers are a problem. Small Business Engagement LEADing Together for Success. Postal Employees">PEN Resources foir Postal Employees. 2021 Tax USPS Information: Form W. How do I check that on lite blue? This thread is archived. Eligible employees must be allowed a total of up to 12 workweeks of leave within a Postal Service leave year for one or more of the following: For incapacity due to pregnancy, prenatal medical care or child birth. How to Use PostalEASE to Manage Your USPS Non. Changing Your LiteBlue / PostalEase Password Through ssp. Postal LiteBlue and Open Season. In this video, we're going to discuss how you can get a better login experience with USPS by acc. To enroll in a flexible spending account, use the FSAFEDS site or call 877-372-3337 (TTY: 800-952-0450). Furthermore if they truly cared about account security there would two factor authentication with the …. n Go to the LiteBlue home page at. NOTE: The USPS uses the same series as the rest of the Federal Government, except for occupations which are unique to the Postal Service. The first one, located on usps. A basic employee death benefit is payable to the current spouse if the following conditions are met: The employee dies after completing 18 months of creditable civilian service; and. The Self-Service Profile Application will allow you to manage the following components of your self-service profile: Create, change or reset your Self-Service PasswordChange …. Anyone else unable to login to liteblue? : r/USPS. The redesign — LiteBlue’s first major overhaul since 2004 — debuted Sept. If you need further assistance, call the Accounting Help Desk at 866-974-2733 (7:00 a. Select a form from the list below. Ruralinfo said: USPS officials have informed NALC of additional fraudulent activity against the LiteBlue application. LiteBlue is used by employees to enroll in health plans, change their benefits. • Lite Blue Postal EASE USPS Employee. Carrier Short Message Service (SMS) and data rates may apply. Customer 360 users can click on “LEADing Together” to access the site on that platform. Postal employees can access the Employee Lead Entry site through Blue, LiteBlue and Customer 360. One of the most popular services is First Class Mail, which is used for sending letters and postcards. The US Postal Service (USPS) has announced proposed temporary rate hikes for the 2021 peak holiday season. Note: It is to your advantage to complete the paper form prior to your PostalEASE update, as the paper form comes with helpful instructions for complex state withholding selections. be about the development of the livelihood, the performance of the income and the services. Personnel actions are changes to an employee’s status such as hiring, reassignment, promotion, benefit. Learn how to use LiteBlue, what's new on the redesigned …. You'll need your Employee ID and USPS PIN to log on to LiteBlue. NAPS Headquarters NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF POSTAL SUPERVISORS National Headquarters 1727 KING …. If you need to contact the HR Shared Service Center (HRSSC) in Greensboro about this matter, call 877-477-3273, menu option 5, and then request Benefits when prompted. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guarantees eligible letter carriers up to 12 weeks of leave each postal leave year, for: A new child in the family—by birth, by adoption or by placement in foster care; The employee's own serious health condition that prevents him or her from performing the job, or. Timekeeping The Postal Service uses a unique timekeeping system that may be unfa-miliar to some people when they begin a career with USPS. Most likely the databases for those systems are all running on Microsoft platforms, which is why they are such unreliable crap. The Postal Service wants employees to know that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made changes to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) contribution limits for 2022. After logging into your Liteblue account, go to the “My HR” tab. How To Obtain / Retrieve Your USPS PIN The phone number for PostalEASE is: 1- 877-477-3273 To retrieve your USPS PIN follow these instructions: 1. How to Check Your Clock Rings in Lite Blue: USPS. Pay Stub through USPS LiteBlue. The marriage has lasted at least 9 months; or. Moving can be an exciting but stressful time. From setting up your account to troubleshooting common login issues, we've got you. The Postal Service™ will mail the 2018 Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, to all employees, except those employees who elected not to receive mailed copies of Forms W–2 (through the PostalEASE W-2 module) in lieu of official. " Your USPS PIN number is the same one you use to access PostalEASE. Employees will find instructions on updating their personal information by logging into LiteBlue and selecting Life Changes. Learn how to enroll in health plans, make changes during open season, use multifactor authentication, and more with LiteBlue. Dobijte sve potrebne informacije o Usps Liteblue u ovom članku. The Liteblue login portal also includes other features such as PostalEASE, a retirement plan, profile updates and more. Question: Am I required to have a postal cell …. The flat-rate boxes and envelopes offer Priority or Express service, which means your package will generally be deli. USPS Human Resources Home. This subreddit is not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Postal Service…. n Mail the PostalEASE FEHB Worksheet to. Welp, It's Official : r/USPS. I should be getting a call back in the next 30 to 50 minutes to see what is going on. When prompted for your PIN, pause and then press 2. Go to USPS r/USPS • by Where do I find my w2 on liteblue? This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Related Topics USPS US Federal Government Politics comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A [deleted] • Additional comment actions [removed] Reply. r/FireEmblemHeroes • Looks like the dataminers forgot to mention the new hero that was added! r/USPS • Liteblue login. For important updates throughout Open Season 2022 and beyond, text “Benefits” to 39369. How to Request Duplicate W-2 Forms Through LiteBlue and from the USPS Employee Division. com Track & Confirm ZIP Code Lookup Postal Forms Employment eReassign USPS Employees 2020 EAP Web Site Employee Deals LiteBlue USPS News Link Admin Decisions USPS OIG FedDoctor. The format of the 2021 Form W-2 remains unchanged from the 2020 version. ]com) If you see a Deceptive Site Warning as shown below DO NOT proceed. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been a trusted institution for mailing letters and packages for decades. eRetire for Postal Employees – Retirement Applications on LiteBlue. Four holidays are observed on the actual day which changes from year to year: New Year’s Day January 1, Independence Day July 4, Veterans’ Day November 11 and Christmas Day December 25. If so, you have two options: • Go to PostalEASE, which you can access from Blue, LiteBlue and self-service kiosks at many. Multifactor authentication is an identity verification method in which users provide two or. When you move to a new address, it’s important to update your information wit. 20 The Postal Record May 2022 News The uniform program—How does it work?.